5 Things To Remember When You Are Online

5 Things To Remember When You Are Online

There are billions of active users are online at any given instance of time in this generation. The technology has become very useful everyone on this planet from small kids to Old people. There are many online users, who come online to do certain tasks such as online business, social networking, ticket bookings, online purchases, gaming, reading, finding research documents and many other things. All these category people are not professional in using the internet so there is a chance of messing up with the internet and incidents happens in previous times proves it.


You can find any information on the internet within seconds of searching. There many sites which offer you to download many things like software’s, music, videos, notes, research papers and other data files. The point here we have to remember is everything on the internet is downloadable there are some restriction and copyright laws which restricts us from downloading illegally. This can cause severe law broken issues. Even though some website’s offers personal and single, usage, downloading which you can’t share the downloaded files with others. Downloading the files illegally is always considered as crime.

Secure Surfing

The internet is a source of many virus attacks, there is a 90 % chance of virus attacks when you are surfing online. Most of the people things virus to computer as living bugs that causes damage to computers. The virus is a program that creates issues with programs residing inside your computer. When you are surfing online some websites or adds that popping up on websites remotely install malware and viruses into your computer when just click on them by assuming they are normal. So use some secure surfing methodologies when you are online.


In many countries watching porn is legal, but in many other countries, it is restricted and crime. However, these porn sites are not safe, when you click on links on porn sites they redirect you into some other web pages or creates some issues, there is another risk involved is ads that pop up are high risk factors. These ads attack people with porn images and messages, if you click them, they redirect to some malware and virus hidden web pages.

User Language

When you are on a social network, website or any website, if you are writing something regarding anything make sure that you use a normal and polite language. Abusing some online is a crime according some countries law. Many countries restrict us from posting some abusive, porn related, provoking content and other thing which creates false opinions of others are prohibited and considered as crime. So be careful about what you post or write or comment online.

Revealing Sensitive Information

If you are online, then there 70%-90% chance, where you can get hacked or betrayed by so many people. People will introduce themselves as some genuine guys from government organizations and ask information about your personal life and banking related information. You may also receive emails like you won prize money from a company and in order to receive them you have to provide them some information. Don’t believe such kind of emails and don’t give any information to anyone on the internet.

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