Stop Foreclosure by Sue Lenders For Dual Tracking or File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

It is still very possible to stop a foreclosure when the lender has sent out a notice of default or notice of trustee sale. This can be done either by file a Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy or file a lawsuit based on the California foreclosure laws.

Hire a foreclosure lawyerto represent you is the most effective and swiftest of the several ways to stop a foreclosure from moving forward. This should be done the minute you receivethe notice of default or notice of trustee sale. The sooner that you take action to stop a foreclosure sale, the more options you will have. Another benefit is fees; you might pay lower fees since there are no emergency filings required.

If you house is currently under foreclosure let the foreclosure attorneys at Consumer Action Law Group help you. They have save hundredsof homes from being foreclosed wrongfully and legally. Consumer Action Law group is a law firm with high potential and very experience in the area of stopping foreclosure:

  • Save homes from foreclosure within 1 hour
  • Eliminate previous balances due to the lender
  • Get rid of the second mortgage
  • Stop the foreclosure date altogether with a court order
  • Retain their homes, cars and other properties while,at the same time, eliminating debt

How to Stop Foreclosure

It’s always best to get help from a foreclosure attorney. Consumer Action Law Groupis currently the premier law firm in California that offer free legal advice on how foreclosures can be stopped. Their foreclosure lawyers move very quickly so that homeowners don’t lose their homes by immediately seeking protection in court. They have stopped so many wrongful foreclosures by lenders by filing lawsuits against the lenders, protecting the properties of their clients by applying the California foreclosure laws. In the words of a senior attorney with the Consumer Action Law Group, Lauren Rode, “Nobody is meant to lose their homes because of defaulting due to a temporary hardship or unforeseen financial crisis. If a person has received a foreclosure notice or skipped on paying their mortgage as a result of a financial difficulty, he or she can still catch up. They should immediately contact the foreclosure attorneys at our firm.”

There are possibilities of making an application for a loan modification with the lender directly to obtain a payment that is more affordable. In the event that the lender is dual tracking, that is, when they are reviewing a loan modification while at the same time proceeding with the process of the foreclosure, the lender can be sued for this illegal action.

If you have been a victim of foreclosure resulting from dual tracking, immediately contact a foreclosure attorney. They can get you the court protection you need to stop the foreclosure.

The Consumer Action Law Group’s law firm opens up from 9.00 AM through 5.30 PM from Monday through Friday. You can immediately contact them for foreclosure defense. Call (818) 254-8413 or visit for immediate foreclosure help!

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