Seeing The Best In Ourselves

In this world of artifice, it’s rare that we are embraced for our natural features. We are all sold a bill of goods that promise to make us happy if we get a nip here and a tuck there. It takes a brave soul to push through the popular messages and decide to use what she has to look the best that she can. However, it’s possible. The feelings that come from using your own natural physical attributes can create a deep sense of pride However, it takes a single-mindedness to look at ourselves and our natural God-given physical attributes and make the best of them.

Take Inventory

Take a good hard look at yourself. Most of us are scared to do this because we are so critical of ourselves. However, once you get past the fear you may find that you have some beautiful qualities that can be played up and enhanced. Perhaps you have beautiful soft curly hair that shines in the sunlight. Maybe your complexion is like peaches and cream. Everyone has something beautiful to celebrate. Find your special features and enhance them. Learn to be satisfied with what you have instead of longing for what you don’t. This can be likened to wanting a tie wire machine when you can’t afford it. Work towards your goals but be happy with the present.

Be Forgiving

No one is perfect. Don’t expect perfection from yourself. Do the best you can with what you have and let that be enough. Of course, if you have fitness or weight loss goals it’s ok to work toward them. However, learn to find satisfaction in your current features as you build toward a better you.

Work With It

You are your own painting. Decorate your palette. Figure out what colors look best on you and wear them. Jazz up your hair. Find clothes that compliment your figure. The sky is the limit, have fun. Getting dressed should be a mini celebration every day.

You are all you have, and you are enough. Let these words resonate in your heart every day until they become ingrained. Make the best of yourself, body, mind, and soul. However, don’t take yourself too seriously. Learn to have fun. Your life should be a celebration of you. Go for it.

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