Ninja Costume – Myths, Facts And All That You Wanted To Know

Japanese martial arts are popular worldwide. Ninja is one of the popular icons of Japanese martial arts. Ninja refers to a person who practices Ninjustsu, one of Japanese martial arts. Ninja is believed to be a super natural being these days. In Japanese language the word Ninja means ‘a person who spies’. Ninja costume is in high demand these days, especially, during Halloween.

Traditional ninja attire

The historic name of Ninja costume was Shinobi Shozoko. Shinobi Shozoko covered the Ninja completely. His eyes, his palms and his fingers were the only exposed areas of their body. It had multiple pockets to hide their weapons and tools like knives, shuriken and poison etc. The color of the ninja uniform was black or dark navy blue to camouflage themselves in the dark and white to remain hidden in snow.

It is believed that green colored uniform was used to camouflage in the forests. The costume is not complete without the footwear called tabi boots. It has a slit between the big toe and the next toe. The split was made to make climbing on rocks, hills and trees easier.

During battles, Ninja wore a special wartime uniform with armor. This uniform resembled the uniform of a samurai. Samurai’s uniforms are non-foldable but Ninja’s wartime costumes are foldable.

In the daytime wearing a uniform would have been unwise. That is the reason why they disguised themselves as farmers, priests, monks and other normal men.

Ninja were experts in camouflaging and their clothes kept on changing depending upon the circumstances and the surroundings.

Today Hollywood ninja movies have made a drastic change in the ninja costume.

Modern ninja attire

What are the features of modern ninja attire?

  1. The modern ninja costume consists of a jacket, pants, belt, hood, mask, boots and sword. They are sold as a package or separately.
  2. They are available not only in dark but in red, blue, green and white etc.
  3. They are available in all sizes.
  4. Most of the uniforms have designs like dragon design in the top.
  5. They are available in cotton, poly cotton and polyester etc.
  6. They are available in lightweight materials.
  7. Accessories like ninja arm gauntlets, necklaces, utility belts, tobi socks and other ninja gear make the costume complete.
  8. They are made to help you to blend yourselves in all environments.
  9. Are you attending a Ninjustsu class? If so, then you should buy the uniform in durable material. If you are planning to wear it for a Halloween night or a themed party, you can go for cheaper versions. Ninja uniform for sale is available in all price range. You can buy one to suit your budget.

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