Understand Your Child’s Uniqueness With The Help Of An Educational Therapy

Understand Your Child's Uniqueness With The Help Of An Educational Therapy

Is it ok that my child is different from others?

Some children seem different to others their age, whether that be more shy, creative or quirky, but please don’t worry- this is okay! As a parent, it’s easy to worry about every little thing, this is normal- most parents do it. However, its important to remember that everybody has different personalities, development rates, and skill sets, and this includes children.

Children develop at their own rate and in their own time, and the most important thing for their parents to do is to support and encourage them, rather than worrying that they’re not top in the class. For parents who are worried that their child’s unique nature impacts negatively on their progress in education, educational therapists can help to keep them on track when it comes to learning and help you and your child to celebrate their individuality!

The field of Educational Therapy encourages a more inclusive society and teaches children that they are able to do things that they or their parents believed they were unable to do. Focusing on education helps to change attitudes from a young age and thus provide better futures for those requiring a little bit of extra support in their early years.

How can Brainwave’s Educational Therapists make positive changes?

The Brainwave Centre is an independent charity organisation that helps children with disabilities and additional needs to learn and thrive. The role of the Educational Therapist is to help affected children to achieve greater independence at home and in education by collaborating with parents, teachers and other caregivers to tackle emotional and social problems as well as learning difficulties.

Working with children aged 6 months to 12 years old, Brainwave provides a fully integrated approach towards the child’s development by way of observations, interviews and assessments of the child in order to devise appropriate intervention. The organisation’s highly-qualified team includes educational therapists with degrees in teaching, education or early years, as well as staff who have gained experience in a variety of educational or child-friendly settings.

Children have been proven to gain exponentially from sessions with Educational Therapists, with not only their learning improving but their behaviour too. Seeking help from an Educational Therapist can also do wonders for a child’s confidence, stress levels and general state of mind. For instance, children being bullied or with volatile emotions may feel at ease discussing their feelings with a friendly and familiar face in a calm and relaxing setting.

Parents are required to play an important role in their child’s development programme from the offset. The educational therapist will initially meet and interview them before assessing their child and devising a tailored home-based therapy programme. With achievable goals and objectives set out for the entire family to aspire to, parents are encouraged to work on strategies and techniques in their own home.

If you think that there is cause for concern about your child’s different behaviour, or you think your child is unhappy, then getting a professional opinion is the best way forward. Parents should not fear that their children will be labelled and should seek help if they feel additional support is required whilst continuing to celebrate their young ones’ unique traits.

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