Tips In Choosing The Best Stainless Steel Cookware

Tips In Choosing The Best Stainless Steel Cookware

Pretty sure that many of you out there consider yourself as kings and queens of your own kitchen. Most of the time, you would not like anybody messing up with your cookware. If possible, you would not allow anyone to use the utensils as well as the pots without proper care. Anyway, that is a normal behavior because you are just taking care of your belongings.

Anyway, if you love cooking, then you would surely want to buy everything that you need to have for your recipe, right? Actually, cooks and chefs usually do that because they need to use different machines, such as blenders, mixers, grinders, and juicers to name a few. But, do you know that the most important thing to have in your kitchen is your cookware. Maybe some of you even bought a set or sets.

But, how sure are you that your cookware will last longer? Are you good enough in buying the right ones or the one with good quality? Anyway, if you are not sure about what cookware to get in the market, then you better check out some of the tips that we have for you.

How to choose the best stainless cookware

  • A cookware with aluminum core

You have a lot of options when it comes to the base as well as the sidewalls of a cookware. Do you know that when you buy a cookware that is made from a pure stainless steel material, then it won’t corrode and of course, it is durable? But, the sad thing is that the food is cooked unevenly, so you need to stir and check the food from time to time and that is a bit disturbing, right?

So, it would be great, if you will find a stainless steel cookware with additional features, such as the ones with base and side walls that are made of copper cores or aluminum. Through this material, you can cook the food evenly. Aside from that, it can also help in retaining the heat of the pan.

  • Percentage of stainless steel material

You need to check the quality of the stainless steel material used in manufacturing the cookware. If possible, you have to check if it really is an 18/10 stainless steel cookware or higher. This means that the material used contains 18% of chromium and 10% of nickel. With such a percentage, then your cookware would be very durable.

Do you know that the chromium is the one that is protecting the stainless steel from getting stains and rusting? And then, the nickel is helping the chromium to be more effective. It is also the ones that give the cookware a glossy and shiny look.

  • Pots and Pans for your menu

It is true that you have a lot of options in the market because you can find various cookware sets to choose from. But, are you picking the right pots as well as pans for your menu or recipe? Make sure that what you will buy would be very useful to you. Do not invest your money in something that is of no use, so that you can save it for other expenses.

  • Handles and Lids

When you are buying a best stainless steel cookware, do not ignore the handle as well as the lid because this is also a very important part of your pot or pan. Make sure that the handle and the lid would also be durable or sturdy.

Sometimes, you need to hold the handle as you cook, especially when you need to fry the other part of the fish, pork or chicken. Some handles and lids are also made of stainless steel material while others are made of wood. Just choose a style that you prefer. What is very important is the durability of the pan or pot itself.

When it comes to the lid or cover of the pot, it is fine for it to be made of stainless steel, too. Anyway, this is just a cover, so just make sure that it is convenient to use.

  • Accessories

A cookware usually comes in a set. All of these are made of stainless steel materials. Most of the time, they have pots and pans of different sizes. But, aside from that, it also comes with various accessories, such as ladles, spoons, and spatulas to name some. And then, if you are lucky, your cookware set may also come with a recipe book, which is actually a good bonus because it is another way for you to learn new recipes.

Most of the accessories are sometimes not needed because you already have them in your kitchen. So, if you would like to ignore those, then you better just stick with the stainless steel pots and pans. And then, keep in mind that these have sizes, too. So, just pick whatever size that you need.

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