5 Thing To Remember At The Time Of Office Relocation

While planning for office relocation, the companies’ leadership team is going to focus on aspects of power, cooling system, space utilization, computer cabling and phone, etc. These are critical pieces of office relocation for any company. But with it, there are other important aspects as well. In case you are blindsided by some of these aspects even when they should have been taken care of weeks or even months before, here are some important pointers to keep in mind:

  1. Inform The Employees Well In Advance

For employees office relocation is a stressful time since they have to work out various details like child care, commuting and so on and so forth. In such time it is required by the management to keep them informed and provide them with useful resources and information so that in reduces their anxiety and helps them see the office relation as a positive event rather than a negative one.

  1. Keep Customers, Vendors, and Suppliers Informed

It is essential to inform the customer, vendors, and suppliers once the office relocation is official so that they can make necessary adjustments to the contact database. Putting out a “We are moving” note to every bodies email. And another thing which is important that should be kept in mind is to update the company website. Posting on social media is another low-cost, effective ways to spread the word of relocation.

  1. Update Listing and Directories and Marketing Material

Take offline and online inventory of all marketing material, listing and directories and update the new address where ever needed, before the moving day. These may include brochures, websites, Google+ information, business card etc. There will probably be more to change than you realize so do not leave the above until the last few days.

  1. Decide What Will Be Decommissioned And What Will Be Moved

Do not waste money and valuable space in your new office by moving furniture and other items that are no longer needful. Determine well in advance what is going to be decommissioned and what you are going to take with you.

  1. Take Help Of Professional Furniture Installers

Uninstalling and re-installing the office furniture and other equipment is not a ‘Do It Yourself’ task. It is a multistage and complex process that includes the skilled use of manual and power tools and requires understanding the different furniture vendor at a professional level, as they all tend to do certain things different from each other. It is a safe and smart decision to hire a team of professionals like Quality Installers for this job. Professional furniture installers ensure high standard results for the work which will not be possible if we do it ourselves.

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