Switching Therapists From In-Person To Over The Phone

With society in general learning the benefits of remote living, more people than ever who are attending therapy are switching to sessions over the phone. There is definitely a contingent of people who are remiss to try this relatively new way of therapy; however, the phone actually has many advantages over in-person therapy. Here are just a few of the reasons that you may want to consider this new method.

Phone Therapy is on the schedule of the Patient

If you have suffered through a time where you really needed someone to talk to, then you realize how hard it is to wait on an in-person session sometimes. Bad things do not happen on a schedule, and there is no reason that your therapy sessions should either.

Switching to therapy over the phone gives your therapist more leeway when communicating with you. It also gives you an immediate form of access to your therapist if something unexpected happens in your life. This may seem as though you are imposing into the life of your therapist, but many therapists who provide service over the phone have already set up rules and regulations to protect themselves and provide clients with a better form of service. This is definitely something to look into, especially if you are suffering from deep mental issues, addiction or the loss of a loved one.

Therapy over the Phone should cost much less per session

Because you will not be paying for the storefront and the human capital of an office, the cost of your therapy sessions when they are conducted over the phone should be much less expensive for you. For the most part, the savings that the therapist collects from not having to maintain a separate office or storefront will be passed along to you in the form of lower hourly rates.

In some cases, therapists who perform service over the phone will have a completely different outlook on payment structures. If you are uncomfortable with paying for hourly sessions that never seem to provide the correct amount of time to really solve anything, then you may be interested in the retainer model that many phone therapists have implemented.

The convenience of Phone Therapy is unparalleled

As stated before, bad things do not occur in your life on a schedule. Why should you be limited to certain times when it comes to healing from these bad times? Having your therapist on your hip just a phone call away is a comfort in itself. In many cases, therapists have been able to save the lives of their clients by treating them over the phone in an immediate fashion instead of having them stew in their depression while waiting on a session.

You can choose the best Therapist for you regardless of Geography

Of course doing therapy over the phone allows you the freedom to expand your options geographically. If the therapist that you best get along with is 100 miles from you, you can save a great deal of money in travel costs by doing business over the phone.

There is a definite advantage to receiving Therapy in your comfort zone

You will be able to receive your therapy while at home or on the beach. This is a great advantage that can help a client to listen and open up more.

Marcie has been working with couples and individuals for over eight years. Helping them start off right, and helping indifiduals in their time of need. If you want to try phone therapy, check Marcie out today.

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