Why You Need Personal Loan Calculator?

Why You Need Personal Loan Calculator?

You can get a personal loan for many reasons like a wedding, study, travel, and much more. As well you should know the calculation of the same product because it would help to manage the product. It can describe your monthly EMIs quickly through online. Now you don’t need to call the bank and know all the procedures. Hence, it is the easiest way to get instantly own report. All you need to do, follow the simple steps

  • Loan amount
  • Tenure
  • Interest rate

Once you enter these details, then get to know from the office to home anywhere. These are the general things to know immediately own record. There are other things which play a crucial role in this. Let’s find those points

  • Your job profile salaried or self-employed
  • The organization you work with
  • Your previous credit status
  • Any other EMIs

What Is The Age Eligibility For Personal Loan And KYC Need To Submit?

See, both the factors are plays major role in personal loan calculator to get instant approval. They can divide eligibility into both procedures salaried and self-employed. For salaried age should be between 21 to 58 years with one-year work experience and monthly income net Rs 20,000. If talk about salaried documents, then you have to provide 2 passport size photograph, identity proof, address proof, 3 months bank statement and employment proof. For self-employed, age should be between 24 to 65 years with 3 years work experience and annual net income Rs 1 lakh. For documents, passport size photograph, 6 months bank statement, income proof, address proof, identity proof and employment proof need to submit.

How Get You Know Different Bank’s Personal Loan Interest Rates?

Each bank has given different interest rate such as in SBI 11.35% to 15.10% up to Rs 15 lakhs amount, HDFC bank provide 10.99% to 20.99% they have divided into two parts for salaried up to Rs 25 lakhs, and self-employed up to Rs 15 lakh. ICICI bank is given 10.99% to 18.49% up to Rs 40 lakhs and Axis bank’s 15.50% to 24.00% up to Rs 50 lakhs. In the market there are many banks who can give you a personal loan interest rate, you can select as per your needs.

What Are The Beneficial Features Of This Product?

They can give you points for many things. They can notice your payment, repayment, payback and more. When you are using this product for fulfilling own desires like the wedding, study, business, medical emergency or any other professional and personal reasons so you can use it smoothly without any hurdles.

Perfection: Through personal loan calculator you can get exact data and information. Without this functional tool, there might be the possibility of you to make the mistakes.

Time-Consuming: When you can calculate your monthly EMI with verbally or pen-paper without the tool, then you should take much time as compared to the tool as well as it would be wrong. That’s the reason you would check using the tool because it’s a smooth process you know the result within a second.

Easy Comparison: With this, you can take report within a few minutes. You can compare with different bank’s and get to know different bank’s EMI report which offered by them.

Try Until Satisfy: The best thing about this tool, you can keep trying until or unless not satisfy. You can fill the information in the calculator end number of times and see the result. If you are not sure or feeling doubt in your mind, then it’s a smooth process to do it again an again until not sure.

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