Education and Health Care Seem to Be the Most Stable Careers

The economy is definitely in a slump. Open any newspaper to the help wanted section and check out the jobs listed. There isn’t a very large selection. An occasional seasonal waitressing position, or my favorite in our area, Firestone has been hiring for multiple locations for almost a month or two, and health care positions. As you may have seen in the news, most companies are laying off and the unemployment is the highest it has been in the past two years.

If you are looking for a job you may want to consider the health care field. As long as there are people someone will be sick, pregnant, or heaven help us dying. You really have to be a special person to be a nurse or a health care provider of any degree. You need to be able to step away from the patient and just be able to treat them as a patient.

Another career choice you may want to consider would be in the field of education. As long as there are children there will be a need for teachers. Teachers are underpaid but they have a terrific schedule and of course summers off. What could be better? If you read my previous article Superintendents, Legislatures, and Who Should Regulate School?, you will remember I stated Superintendents are basically stating their price and conditions at this time. If you have the credentials you may want to apply.

Don’t worry this economy “situation” we are in will only last for so long. I definitely see the economy changing for the better once the presidential election has occurred and all the offices are back running “status quo”. I am not saying either party will win, it usually doesn’t matter which one does. For some reason, this seems to be a cycle towards the end of a decade and especially bad when an election is nearing. That is just my opinion looking back on history.


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