Finding An Employer in the Mining Industry

Organize And Target The Resume To Land A Good Job

There are a lot of different areas to work in when it comes to mining jobs Australia and it is worth checking all the areas when it comes to employment. However, it is finding roles in these industries and knowing where to start. Here are just a few options for finding the right job for you and to finally get a chance to ware your jobs T-shirt.

Check Online Recruitment Sites

There are many websites now that will give you the option to put your resume on them and apply for jobs through there. These sites are third-party and are not affiliated with companies or recruitment agencies, so there will be jobs listed from different companies and in different areas.

The sites give you the chance to put your search terms in. You will be able to decide whether you want to search for a particular location or whether you will be able to commute. You can decide whether you want to limit yourself to one area of mining or whether you want to expand that search into all fields. You will also be able to decide whether you want a set minimum salary or whether you are happy to opt for anything for the time being – this is a great option for those coming from unemployment and for those looking to change jobs.

The benefit of putting your resume online is that employers and recruitment agencies are able to check it. They will be able to see if you are qualified for any upcoming roles and contact you about them, without the need of you directly applying for the roles.

Check Your Local Newspaper

For those who prefer to remain offline, most companies will still advertise in the local newspaper. There is usually one day a week where all of the current vacancies will be listed and you will be able to apply for the roles. You will need to be quick though as many of those roles can go extremely quickly.

Circle anything that you find related to the mining industry and then scrutinize in more detail. Before you start applying for the role, you may want to take the time to find out more about the company so you know what they offer – this is also an excellent idea before any interview that you gain.

Join a Recruitment Agency

A lot of companies will still advertise through recruitment agencies. This is due to the agencies doing the first bit of work for them – going through each of the applications and finding the ones that match the requirements needed. You will need your resume to stand out for this stage so make sure you find out how to write the best one.

By signing up to a recruitment agency, they will be able to keep your resume on file. From there, they can inform you if any new roles come through that could be suitable for you, without the need for you to search for them.

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