The Best Of Freshwater Pearls – Edison Pearls

About 100 years in the past, pearls were very expensive so that a string of naturally formed pearls could be as expense as a mansion in the best parts of town. Today pearls are becoming more and more affordable than back in the past. Some pearl jewelry is still expensive but not as it was before.


History tells us the reason behind the reduction in prices of pearls occurred when China took over much of the cultivation of pearls known as freshwater. China could produce there cheaply due to:

  • Large work force
  • Great landmass
  • Affordable labor cost compared to other countries

China has become the source leading in freshwater pearls and has come up with many innovations such as the Edison pearl.

Edison Pearls

Edison pearls are the very largest freshwater pearls on the market today. They are produced in many colors that are unrivaled by any other type of pearls. They are still a bit more expensive but quite affordable when you compare them to prices of forty to fifty years ago.

Zhan Weijian

The management of Grace Pearl, especially Zhan Weijian, is the genius behind the Edison pearls and is one of the more influential people in the industry. Grace Pearl is among the largest companies in the business of freshwater pearl farming. Mr. Weijian trusts that these pearls are going to keep their attractiveness and luster even when they are relatively less expensive.


Edison pearls are the pearls that most retailers have for sale in many stores and shops on the internet. You will find some very unique and innovative pieces of jewelry made from Edison pearls. These pieces are high quality but not that expensive and often you wills stumble on a great sale.

Their price makes them the perfect choice for a gift for:

  • High school or college graduation
  • Wedding gifts
  • Christmas gifts
  • First communion

Inside one mussel you will notice only one pearl getting cultured and this is why Edison pearls grow to such a huge size. They do possess quite a bright and illuminating luster, and are accessible in vivid colors such as gold, peach, plum, metallic, pink, peach, aubergine-purple and many more. Traditional freshwater pearls in most cases do not produce pearls in a huge size but these ones are rare and one of a kind.

Edison Pearls are of great quality and the ones that are of number one quality are round in shape. Even though you would notice that its size does vary you can find a lot of them coming upto about three-quarters of an inch.

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