How To Clean Your Home The Green Way

One of the keys to keeping your family healthy is to keep toxins out of your home. The last thing you want to do is to introduce toxins into your home by using cleaning products that are loaded with hazardous chemicals. To keep your home clean and your family healthy, you should look for eco-friendly cleaning products and techniques. There is a green alternative available for every cleaning task out there. You just need to make a commitment to cleaning the eco-conscious way. Follow this guide to cleaning your home the green way.

How To Clean Your Home The Green Way

Get Rid of All the Toxic Cleaners in Your Home

If you are like most people, there are probably loads of hazardous cleaning chemicals under your kitchen sink. Whether they are under your sink, in your garage or anywhere else, you should get rid of all the toxic cleaning supplies you have in your home. There are environmentally-friendly alternatives available for all of them.

Turn to the Kitchen Cabinet

Instead of reaching under the kitchen sink for harsh chemical cleaners, you can use common items found in your kitchen cabinets to clean your home. For example, lemon juice is a cleaning product that deodorizes, disinfects and leaves your home smelling amazing.

Baking soda is another common item found in the kitchen that is great for cleaning. You can also use white vinegar as the base for a cleaning solution. Salt and club soda are two other common kitchen items that you use as part of your new, eco-conscious cleaning arsenal. When you use all-natural products like this, you will avoid getting sick and prevent your body from having to do extra duty detoxifying itself from dangerous chemical cleaners.

Use Reusable Cleaning Products

Australia is getting hotter all the time thanks to climate change. You need to do your part to go green. The humble sponge is one of the greenest cleaning supplies ever. Being able to reuse them hundreds of times makes them very eco-friendly. You should also be sure to use plenty of microfiber towels in your cleaning efforts. When they get dirty, you can simply wash them and use them again. Rags are also something you should have on hand to aid you in your green cleaning efforts. When your clothes wear out or get stained, you can cut them up into rags for mopping up spills and polishing furniture. If you want streak-free windows that sparkle, try using recycled newspaper. You will be amazed at how much better newspaper works than paper towels for wiping windows without leaving streaks.

Don’t Forget About the Fresh Air

One of the more overlooked parts of cleaning a home is making sure that the air you and your family breathe is as clean as possible. The building materials themselves often leach toxic chemicals these days. Whenever possible, you should open your windows to allow your home to ventilate and bring fresh air in. You should also be sure to use a HEPA air filter on your HVAC system and change it once a month to keep the air in your home as toxin-free as possible.

You owe it to your family to keep your home clean without using toxic chemicals to do it. After all, there is little point in cleaning your home by adding toxins to it. Luckily, you can follow this guide to keep your home clean the green way. As long as you are willing to put in a little extra effort, you can make sure your home is always spotless with the use of eco-friendly cleaning supplies. As long as you are flexible, there is no reason you can’t keep things in your house clean with environmentally-friendly methods.

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