4 Alternative Uses For A Brochure

You may think you know exactly what a brochure is. You may think you know exactly what you can and cannot use a brochure for. Would it surprise you to find out that you’re wrong? Many people assume that a brochure is just for annual reports or advertising products in a catalogue. While brochures are certainly useful for these purposes, they can also be used in other ways. Here are a few ideas for creative ways to use printed brochures in your marketing campaigns.

  1. Restaurant Menus

Effective full-colour brochure printing can be used to good effect for designing a restaurant menu. Brochures are ideal for use as menus as you can choose how many pages to include, and you also have enough space for all the detail you need. Whether you have a very long menu or simply a few pages with specials of the day, a brochure gives you the flexibility you need. Brochures for menus are most commonly bi-fold or tri-fold, or they may be roll folded.

  1. Invitations

Modern brochure printing is often used for creating invitations, whether that is an invitation to an event, a private party, a wedding, or a sale. Invitations work well in brochure form as you have a lot of scope for personalisation and creativity while they remain easy to read and carry. When you make your invitation into a brochure you can add more images and more information, without making the pages cluttered. Wedding invitations are particularly effective as brochures.

  1. Presentation Packages

If you are putting together a presentation or having display stands at an exhibition it is a good idea to give people something they can take home. A brochure as a presentation pack gives a professional impression of your company. A presentation pack is also useful when you are giving information to delegates such as which rooms a conference will take place in, and the program for an event. You can put a lot of information into the package without losing design elements.

  1. CV

If you work in the creative professions, a brochure for your CV can really stand out. Many graphic designers use brochures to create an interesting and eye-catching CV that contains a lot of information in an impressive way. It is certainly worth looking at the power of a brochure for this purpose.

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