The Most Expensive Laptops Of The World

Compared to desktop computers, laptops are known to be portable, convenient and a little more expensive. Apart from the above, these devices are very flexible and can match the latest fashion craze without much effort. Laptops can be adorned with precious stones or coated by gold. You also have the option to contact a renowned product designer to come up with a one-of-a-kind look for your laptop.

Nowadays, a thousand bucks can only get you an old laptop model, a second hand unit or possibly, a modified one. There may be a lot more technologies that people haven’t seen yet. Otherwise, such rare masterpieces may be copied or imitated. So if you feel like you deserve a laptop that aces on performance and strikes on beauty, you may want to consider buying an expensive laptop. Here are the priciest laptop devices to help you with your choice.

Acer Ferrari 1100

The head-turning insignia of Ferrari helped this Acer laptop model to be famous and of course, to become more expensive. The flashy design, glossy gray accents and jet black body adds up to its elegance.
Price: $3300

Alienware Area51

Alienware Area51 is almost the same as Rock Xtreme SL8 model which is also a gaming laptop. The impressive outer space design will help a lot to the marketing plans of the seller. Apart from the almost iconic design, Alienware Area51 boasts its 1TB hard drive and 1GB graphics memory supported by Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT in dual SLI configuration.
Price: $3600

Dell Mobile Precision M6800

Spectacular graphics and top-class security is what Dell offers with the Dell Mobile Precision M6800 model. Good for people who carries files that are highly confidential.
Price: $3,800

Colorware’s Stealth Macbook Pro

This limited version of MacBook Pro has 15-inch laptop screen with the option of matte black finish or custom matte screen. There are only 10 Stealth models that exist in the world. If you want to have something that’s one of a kind, then you better go and get yourself one.
Price: $6,000

VoodooEnvy 171

VoodooEnvy 171 is a 17-inch HP laptop model. Its structure, design and features is too far from an ordinary Hewlett Packard laptop. It has 4GB RAM, 1900×1200 high resolution display, twin Nvidia Quadro FX Go 2500M graphics chipsets, Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800 process and dual 250GB hard drives. Designers and engineers would love to have this wonderful creation.
Price: $6,800

Ego for Bentley

This laptop has the shape, design and covering of a high-end hand bag. Ego for Bentley is more of a fashion accessory than gadget. Despite its not-so-good techy features, this laptop model is perfect for wealthy women who always want to stand out.
Price: $20,000

24Karat Gold MacBook Pro

A MacBook Pro covered with 24karat gold will always be one of the most expensive gadgets that exist. It has the same features of a Macbook Pro but has shining shimmering effects that are worth heaps of thousands of bucks.
Price: $30,000

Tulip E-go Diamond

Tulip E-go Diamond is a vainer version of Ego for Bentley and is over ten times more expensive . This laptop has 2GB RAM, 160GB hard drive and other features that will surely fail to impress a 7 year old. On the other hand, its fabulous design can catch the attention of a queen. If you want to emphasize your beauty and social status, this accessory is perfect for you.
Price: $350,000


Luvaglio is a million dollar made-to-order laptop created by a team of designers and craftsmen. It is believed to be the first self-cleaning notebook in the market. Apart from this feature, the Luvaglio laptop packs a 128GB Solid State Drive, built-in USB support and Blu-Ray. It also has a 17” LED special wide screen with reflective glare, white gold parts, rare jewels, stone accents and a rare diamond that serves as a power button.
Price: $1,000,000

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