5 Reasons Why Your Socks Smells So Bad

It is quite well known things for all us, how bad our socks smells when we taken out the foot from the shoes. It is very annoying to sit in front of others after removing your shoes because of the smell. What, if you have to visit your relatives? Or any official home? Feels uncomfortable for them is not it. Keeping the socks clean and fresh for a long time is a hard task, even if you switch to another pair of socks in a 2days gap still there is a chance of getting bad smell out. There a few reasons why the socks smells bad, knowing these reasons can help you to keep your socks clean at least a few days more.


Daily some amount of moisture is evaporated from our feet, this is a natural process. This process goes off before any bacteria attracted and stick to the feet. When you wear the shoes this process the moisture that has to be evaporated is stuck inside your shoes and stays inside, this moisture helps the bacteria to grow inside the shoes. This grown bacteria provoke the smell. When the bacteria grows more, it’s going to stick on your feet and gives a more bad smell.

Socks, Quality

There are various qualities of socks available on markets, each is different in their material, design and cost. Each is different in their moisture sucking levels, a good socks must suck the moisture coming out of our feet. The material used in making the socks should be able to suck the moisture and keep the environment inside the shoes as dry.

Unclean Feet

Most of the people wear the shoes hurriedly while going out, without cleaning their bottom of the feet. This can be bad, the dirty particles hold onto your feet also goes inside the shoes and mixed up with the moisture and creates more dirt inside which again helps the bacteria to grow more and produce more bad smell. So check your feet before you put your feet, in your shoes.

Dry Cells

The cells of the your feet at back corners can be dropped off as small dirt particles, these dry skin cells going to stay inside the socks and create more mess. The bacteria inside the moisture are going to get fed on this and grow more. This can lead again to more bad smell.

Uncleaned Shoes & Socks

People are so busy! Unable to clean their wearing this is also one more reason to produce the bad smell from their shoes. The unclean shoes or socks are containing more bacteria and dirt inside the shoes; this gives a boost to the Bactria to produce more dirt inside. So in order to prevent this you have to change the shoes pair once or twice a year. Some people clean the shoes very well and let them dry for a good day and wears them back again, this procedure also helps them. Change the socks pair for every few weeks of use or you can also clean them up and use again.

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