Choosing The Perfect Solid Copper Tableware For Your Home

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Solid copper utensils like Moscow mule mugs have become very common in the market nowadays. This means that a lot of people are buying them. If you are planning to replace your current tableware, you should consider buying some solid copper tableware. But what makes copper tableware so special? There are many reasons why most restaurants and homeowners prefer to use copper utensils. But there are also countless misconceptions about the tableware. That is why it is important to understand these aspects before you hit the road to the market to buy some copper tableware. Here is the truth about solid copper tableware.

Extra Thermal Conductivity

In hot weather, you definitely want to quench your thirst with a super cold drink. But unfortunately, ice does not keep drinks cold for a long time. With copper’s thermal conductivity, you get to enjoy cold drinks any time. This is one of the reasons why there is a special Moscow mule mug, which is made of pure solid copper. In fact, copper mugs are considered an important ingredient for the popular Moscow Mule. They keep it cold and chilled. Those who have used the Moscow mule mug claim that its rim becomes cold immediately, giving a cold sensation on the lips. Copper is a cold metal and deflects heat in sunny weather.

Ability to Enhance Taste

Although it depends on the type of recipe you use, copper tableware, and especially Moscow mule mug, is known to enhance drink flavors particularly ginger, vodka, and citrus. Experts argue that copper has the ability to oxidize when touched by the vodka, which enhances the aroma. What’s more, cold copper tends to increase bubbles in a carbonated ginger drink, thus offering total fizziness to your drink. It therefore true that there is a big difference between a drink served in a plastic mug and one served in a solid copper mug.

Great Experience

Any solid copper tableware including Moscow mule mug, copper thali, jars and jugs has a distinct look, which makes their presentation one of a kind. In fact, their popularity dates back to the early 90’s. Today, most bars in India, USA and other parts of the globe use these mugs to serve drinks as they give a drink a special look. What’s more, their ability to enhance flavors makes the whole experience of drinking from a copper mug distinct. Their color is timeless and will not lose authenticity or wear out easily.

Choosing The Perfect Solid Copper Tableware For Your Home

If you are looking for tableware to mix up your Moscow mule, consider a Moscow mule mug. It is also ideal for a variety of other cocktails. The good news is that you can now find these and other hammered copper thalis, copper table ware including hammered mug sets online. You don’t have to waste your time and money traveling from one place to the other looking for copper mugs; just place your order online and they will be delivered right to your door step. Plus, they are very affordable. You have every reason to purchase a few of them.

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