How To Complete TESOL Certification?

TESOL or otherwise the term is known as Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages because it is a major language all around the world as it spoken by eighty percent of people and is even the official language of some countries too and if you have to go abroad or even want to teach this language than you need its certification.

Professional Qualification

This certification is one of the add on qualification which gets added into your professional profile and makes you eligible to teach English in other countries to the natives of other countries and even to teach in some grammar schools which wants the students to learn from the basic English. This course is an embedded professional course based on theory in which many written assignments are involved and the practical assignments too. It may be pursued as a regular course ranging from few weeks to the distance education course which can be completed within one year.

It is a foundation course which is offered by Trinity College, Britain and there are many universities all over the world which deals in providing the online TESOL certification to the students. There are many steps which are involved in completing this certification and getting the job of an English teacher in the foreign schools and the main degree which is required to pursue this programme is a bachelor’s degree. Let’s check out on some of the prerequisites on how to complete this programme:-

  • Who can attend? : – This programme can be attended by the people who are not having any training in imparting English teaching and they can be administrators or prospective teachers. This will give them an environment where they can focus on teaching adults and there are many practical sessions involved in which they can start by teaching the young learners who does not have any hold in English.
  • 140hours training programme: – It is actually a 140 hours blended certification programme which involves the 60 hours online foundation course which gives you an insight into the fundamentals of TESOL. After that the 60 hours speciality course online programme which focuses on teaching of young learners or adults. The left over 20 hours are involved in practical teaching from which 10 hours are spend in observation in personal classroom and other 10 hours are spend in the personal practice teaching.
  • How much time should be given? :- The time which should be devoted for this online programme should be 10 hours per week so that one can get strong hold on the full course and should not miss out on the basics and the advanced elements. This full course gets completed within a span of some six to eleven months time and students can check the online classes daily or leaving a day in between.
  • Grading: – After the completion of the course an assessment test is taken which tells about the pass or not pass in the certification and if you have cleared each and every step than you will get a license which is a kind of certificate which is required professionally to work overseas and the requirements for getting this certificate is different in every country.

So, this programme actually helps you to improve your skills and it makes you capable in getting the overseas job which is actually a boost in your career and even after completing this certification you can get good perks too.

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