Make – Up That Defines A Scene Girl

Make up is actually a very important aspect of any girl’s life. But the right kind of make- up can actually make you stand out from normal girls and make you a scene girl of your town. Just follow these simple steps to become the next scene girl:

  • Throw away your old compacts and powders. Go for the foundations with in –built concealers which camouflage all your imperfections smoothly. Don’t overdo it and try to keep the colour of your foundations as per your skin tone for that flawless complexion.
  • Now put some extra attention to your eyes. Start by applying an eye -shadow concealer. Then use any shimmery eye shadow, preferably gold or bronze, and work it up till your lids. Do not forget to highlight your brow bone with a light colour. Get yourself lots of eyeshadows.
  • Eyeliners or kohl not only make your eyes look beautiful, but also add a touch of glamour. Get a lot of colourful liners available at your nearest cosmetic shop. Purple is that very colour that is so in fashion, so go for that surely.
  • Next are your lips. Your lips are the integral part of your face. Many girls don’t pay any heed to their lips and thus are incomplete. So, for that scene girl look to be complete, put a lot of lip balm or chap stick and then apply any good lipstick. Remember to apply Lip gloss to complete your look. And you are ready to dazzle.
  • Put bronzers to complete your face.

So, these were some tips and tricks for a complete make-up of a scene girl. But, if you want to go overboard and try more things on your face then you can surely go for these under – mentioned things:

  • Pierce your face- get body piercing done on you highlighted face areas like on your eye brows and lips. Don’t get any other places pierced as they will not add to the perfect scene girl look that you want to achieve.
  • False Eyelashes- a lot of fake/false eyelashes in various varieties are now available at all cosmetic stores. These false eyelashes add more drama to your eyes.
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