Hairstyles For Straight Hair With Different Cuts

Hairstyles are becoming the most sought after fashion by women at the present time. Every passing day faces newer and further improvised hairstyles and cuts. The hairstyles comprise long length look, specified cuts, layer cuts and bangs etc. Efforts are required to style hair with different layered cuts as compared to long one length hair which only requires one single style to make it appear elegant. There are various hairstyles including updo’s, curls, wavy hair, straight and others as well in demand these days. Here we are focusing on the procedure of the most elegant hairstyles for straight hair.

Long One-Length Blow-Waved Hairstyle

This specific hairstyle is about being smooth and the top most elegant. The long one-length hair strands are blow-waved to give them a straight slick appeal and make it appear as a perfect hairstyle. It regularly requires appropriate product application for strength and shine and trimming is also required to avoid split ends. The following is the procedure for attaining this hairstyle.

To begin with, apply a small amount of straightening balm in your hands and apply evenly on damp hair. Then using a medium-sized round brush with pure bristles, so as to avoid damage of hair, straighten the waves and curls evenly. Thirdly, you need to blow-dry backwards, first dividing the hair in partitions, and starting blow-dry from roots till the end shaping them inwards.

Furthermore, you need to blow-dry straight on the sides in the same manner except the shaping of hair inwards. Now apply a small quantity of smoothing shine on the middle-section and the end of the hair. Last but not the least; apply hairspray from an arms lengths distance for a long-lasting effect. Apply the hairspray with profound care as excessive use may lead to appearance of white flakes on the scalp and hair.

Straight Hairstyle with Jagged Cut Edges

Graceful and chic is what this hairstyle is about. The dark black hairdo is blow-waved on the jagged cut edges on the sides and front that give a slick, catchy and fashionable look to one. This requires small amount of product for strength and lasting effect and regular trimming is required as well as for the above hairdo. The procedure starts with the application of moisturizer through the middle-section and ends of the hair. It protects hair from overheat or burns and helps maintain fine state. Then one needs to part the hair to the right using a comb. A medium sized round brush is to be used to straighten out the curls or waves in the hair.

Again, one needs to blow-dry straight back in small sections from the back/roots to the end. Here again, blow-dry straight on the sides turning the brush inwards at the ends while doing so, specially on the jagged cut edges. Then, blow-dry hair under to the left until they are dry. Now apply smoothing shine and hairspray as mentioned above.

To conclude, I must say that the procedure must be carried on with profound care and one can have different Straight Hairstyles suiting their hair lengths and cut styles. Here you go with a straight sleeky look!!

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