What Is A Credit Card And How Can You Check Eligibility With Top Banks?

What Is A Credit Card And How Can You Check Eligibility With Top Banks?

Nowadays this is a most amazing creation in the financial world. You can shop, travel, dine, and do whatever you want to along with getting reward points, cash back, gift coupons, vouchers and lot more attractive extra benefits you can have. It can easy your lifestyle, wherever you can to keep this small product in your wallet and explore the world with one click. You can use this thing from entertainment to make payments on time.

When you get to know top banks credit card eligibility criteria, then you will be more clear about it. Let’s have one by one.

SBI Credit Card Eligibility

  • Your minimum age should be 18 years not less than that
  • You should have a spotless history. Also, you should not be a loan defaulter list

HDFC Credit Card Eligibility

  • A salaried and self-employed can apply
  • The minimum and maximum age for a salaried should be between 21 to 60 years
  • The add-on should be a minimum 15 years
  • A clear previous history
  • The minimum annual income of a salaried Rs 1.5 lakh
  • A self- employed minimum annual income should be Rs 2 lakh

Axis Bank Credit Card Eligibility

  • The applicant should be between 18 to 70 years of age
  • The applicant should have a spotless history

ICICI Bank Credit Card Eligibility

  • The minimum age should be 23 years not less than that
  • The minimum age for an add-on is 18 years
  • For a salaried minimum salary should be Rs 20,000
  • For a self-employed minimum annual income should be Rs 3 lakh
  • The previous record should be a clear

How Can They Calculate Credit Card Eligibility?

A credit card eligibility depends on few things like age, income, or score. They can collect all the data and give you approval.

Age: Age eligibility is a most focused area, legally you should be 18 years. If you are under 21 years and want a product, then you have to show your income proof.

Income Proof: The bank can check your monthly income, account balance then provide you limit as per that. It indicates you have to pay bills before the time or on- time and for that, you should have a regular source of income.

Satisfactory Score: A satisfactory credit score can show your repayment, payment, payback or other things. This report can base on yourself. These factors can collect by the credit bureau to decide your credit card eligibility.

What Are The Rest Advantage You Can Have?

Payment Method

When you get your product, then you can use it for various purpose. You can make payment before the due date by an online. Login your ID, with own User ID and password and pay bills by using net banking, autopay, NEFT and more options.

Monthly Transaction Report

You can view your monthly bank statement with this. Otherwise, the bank can provide you the completed one-month billing cycle on your registered email ID. After that, you can check limit, expenses, rewards, etc.

Customer Care

If you can feel any problem related to the chosen product, then call on that bank’s customer care toll-free number and take solution within a second.

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