Creating Acrylic Nails At Home

Creating Acrylic Nails At Home

Women love to visit salon to pamper their looks and go for various beauty treatments. Women have weakness for beauty treatments and been pampered at salon is a heavenly feeling, consequently they have to pay a hefty price for the treatments and for some, it is not viable in the long run. When they are in tight budget, they avoid visits to salon but her inner conscience provokes her.

There are options creating acrylic nails at home with Acrylic nail kits and acrylic nail powder. It would prove to be a boon if you grasp the techniques well to style your nails at home or can offer help to family and friends.

Initially, you have to be cautious while trying for first few times but once you learn the techniques, you can flaunt your nail art as per your preference and occasion.

Purchase Acrylic Nail Kit

For first few times, buy a reputed brand acrylic nail kit from any pharmacy shop which comes with all the required elements and detailed instructions to proceed. Watch that you buy with the constituent Ethyl Methacrylate and not Methyl methacrylate. MM is not safe for nails because it is a dental acrylic and quite hard for normal nails. You can even google to find out the best brand or the brand that has maximum positive reviews. Practice with the nail kit on dummies and once you gain confidence, you can proceed to utilize acrylic nail powder and other required items to create acrylic nails at home.

Buy Acrylic nail Supplies Separately

Buy following articles that you require to create acrylic nails at home with separate supplies. You can purchase these items from beauty treatment outlet or through online shopping. Online shopping might be cheaper.

  1. Acrylic nail tips and nail glue
  2. Acrylic nail clippers and filer
  3. Acrylic liquid and acrylic nail powder
  4. Acrylic bowl and acrylic brush
  5. Training dummy hands
  6. Cotton buds and paper wipes
  7. Orange stick or cuticle pusher
  8. Dusting brush
  9. Nail polish remover
  10. Nail polish top coat
  • Process
  • Clean the nails thoroughly by nail polish remover so that no residue is left on the nails.
  • With orange stick, push the cuticles back and rub on the leftover cuticle to give a clean shape. Wet your hands before using cuticles pusher.
  • Clip the nail edges smoothly.
  • File your nails properly and dust out the powdery residue.
  • Apply nail primer with a cotton ball and clean the nail surface so that no oil is adhered to the nails else the acrylic nails won’t stick with glue. Prefer non-acidic nail primer than acidic ones tend to burn if smeared on the skin surface.
  • Buy right size of acrylic nail for your nails and fix it well by applying nail glue over the natural nail. Dab nail glue on the nail edges from one side to another. Fix it properly in shape and leave for few seconds to dry. Once you are done with the nails of all fingers, give the acrylic nails a desired shape with clipper as per your choice. Take utmost care that the nail glue does not spread on your skin.
  • Wet the brush into acrylic liquid and dab well but take care that it does not fall from the brush. Dab the brush in acrylic powder so that a tiny moist ball collects at the tip of the brush. Spread it on the nails and run the brush smoothly over the natural and acrylic nails to give a smooth finish without touching the cuticles edge. Do the same for all nails and let it dry.
  • Once dried, shape the nail tips and dust off extra residue by a small brush.
  • Paint first coating with transparent nail polish and then paint nail polish coats as per your preference and design following latest trend.


Do follow these tips to be creative in creating acrylic nails by Acrylic nail powder. You need to be cautions in the beginning and try on dummies before trying on real hands. Test the product as few are allergic to these acrylic nail liquid and powder.

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