A Must Visit Vegetarian Restaurants In Vancouver

A Must Visit Vegetarian Restaurants In Vancouver

Are you one of those veggies, who is in search of a good place to eat in Vancouver? You have come to the right place. Here are some cool vegetarian restaurants you should visit while in town.

The Acorn

If you think the food is only meant for stomach, think again! The best of dishes start from the visual that impacts your eyes to intoxicating with its spectacular aroma and finally satisfy your craving when it melts in your mouth. This is the experience you get when you dine in Acorn, a salient place where you can feast with both your eyes and mouth. From zucchini tagliatelle with candied olives to tomato and pine nut salad nothing that you order here will disappoint you. Taste to ambiance everything is subject to explore. If you ever visit Vancouver, without fail you should visit The Acorn, even if you are a hardcore meat eater, just visit this place taste a dish you’ll fall in love with vegetarian dishes.


A Lebanese Fest in Vancouver, a treat to your eyes with food preparations that is Semiramis.ca for you. If you crave for Lebanese dish and love Vancouver’s versatility, this is the place for you. Touching every nerve of Lebanese vegetarian food, Semiramis will never fail you in terms of taste or vision. The dishes look incredible and taste spectacular; you will never leave Vancouver once you visit Semiramis. This is the quality of food they serve, a must eat place in Vancouver.

CHAU VeggiExpress

If you are a vegan or a Vietnamese food fan, CHAU is the place for you. It lives up to its name of veggie express through its delicious veggie noodles and soups. If you are worried about how Chau is going to justify the Vietnamese dishes without fish. However, you will be amazed to know the restaurant owner has come up with an amazing substitute of the fish flavor. The vegetarian dishes are too good out here, once you have tasted the food here you’ll undoubtedly come back for more. Moreover, a fair reminder, Chau also serves the dessert that not only melts in your mouth but also your heart.

The Naam Restaurant

Vancouver is best known for its diverse food fest. However, vegetarians have to struggle a bit finding a good spot to eat. The Naam restaurant solves that issue for the veggie food lovers.The restaurant is the veggie hub for most vegans, meat lovers and the vegetarians to satisfy their veggie food cravings. The restaurant serves veggie fixes like salads, sandwiches and veggie bowls to burgers, enchiladas, nachos and the likes. The heart will crave for more when you taste their breakfast it is nothing less than the best breakfast you will ever taste; it is that tasty.

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