How To Ask For A Fade Haircut

While your decision comes upon presenting yourself with a cool handsome look for this season, men get worried about which hairstyle to choose. So take a chill pill and make your hairstyle attractive with a fade haircut. All you just need to do is to check out the collections of hairstyle by the barbers or from a hairstylist around you.

Men have their own personal choices regarding the hairstyles. Most of the men want to give a cool smart look while some may want to give a chocolate-boy look and some want to give a sporty classic look. It varies from person to person which type of look actually suits them. Some may opt for a taper haircut and some may opt for a fade haircut. It becomes slightly difficult to explain a normal barber about the fade haircut because he might not be acquainted with these types of hairstyles.

Don’t get disappointed. It’s now your turn to explain him about the fade haircut or else if you don’t give him the instructions, the barber will give you a haircut in which he is comfortable. You must lead to talk and give instructions to the barber.

Tell about the style you want

  • Show him the photo of the fade haircut, what it is actually. You can also refer these 54 haircuts.
  • Give him proper descriptions and talk about the style of the fade haircuts, which became the recent trends in today’s world. He must not be aware of it.

Tell him how much hair you want to be taken off

  • Avoid saying sentences like “just trim it off”. Tell your barber how much hair you wanna take it off.
  • Use the word inch to describe the length or shortness of hair.
  • If you are opting for much shorter hair tell your barber that you want 1-2 inch or quarter inch shorter.

Tell him if you need a taper cut

  • A barber must not know about the taper cut. Explain him the word taper by saying that the hair length decreases from top till the nape of the neck.
  • Surely tell the barber about your choice of preferences whether you want same hair length or different hair length all around. The choice may vary from one person to another.


  • Explain to the barber what type of neckline you want in your fade haircut.
  • Whether you want a blocked neckline or a rounded one. Ask your barber to learn about the blocked nape which typically means a straight line is cut across the neckline.
  • If you are opting for a rounded neckline explain him to trim off clearly or else it will look too untidy when hair starts growing.

Ask him about the texture of your hair

  • If you want a choppy texture clearly explain the barber that in choppy texture a minimum volume of hair is required so that the hair is cut at 45 degrees of various lengths.
  • If you are in a crave of razor texture make sure that your barber knows to use a straight razor instead of scissors to trim its end. And if your hair is curly ask your barber to use the razor blade for trimming the edges.

Whatever type of haircut you want be very clear about it as if you need to ask the barbers with the type of haircuts you need you also have to present them with pictures to make it more clear and understandable. You surely know better than a barber what type of hairstyle suits you the most. Start your experiments with different hairstyles and keep on changing your look.

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