The Effect Cultural Influences Have On Substance Abuse In Arlington Heights

The Effect Cultural Influences Have On Substance Abuse In Arlington Heights

The face and overall manifestation of substance abuse on staggering levels has been dramatically changing over the course of time and, more specifically, since the turn of the century.  Countless new substances are reaching neighborhoods in the United States each and every single year and causing untold havoc and sadness in just about every single area.  Because of the interaction of these factors, counselors at the drug rehabilitation Arlington Heights will be faced with clients experiencing new sets of difficulties that are associated with substance abuse and cultural stressors and concerns too, and they will often be faced with individuals who are coming to them for help because they were turned on to drug or alcohol abuse because of cultural reasons or difficulties.

In Arlington Heights, this issue has expressed itself more strongly than in many other areas as Arlington Heights is a veritable cultural melting pot of the greater Chicago area.  It is also one of the biggest drug abuse areas of the greater Chicago area as well.  This is the truth of the matter, and it is feared that the various issues and difficulties here will only get much, much, much worse as time wears on.  The factor here is that many teens and young adults use and abuse drugs because they feel as though they have to.  Many teens and young adults abuse such drugs as a result of a stigma to do so because they feel as though they need to fit in with whatever cultural aspect of their peers that they are trying to conform too.  This is deadly and dangerous behavior without a doubt and it has got to stop now. If your child is abusing drugs to try and fit in with the crowd, this needs to stop and they can be referred to a drug rehab referral service in order to get set up in a location for the recovery process to begin.

Prescription Drug Abuse in Arlington Heights

In Arlington Heights, the biggest factor that this has been seen in has been in that of prescription drug abuse and the city is trying to do something about this. What Arlington Heights is doing about their drug problem, they have opened a drug rehab Arlington Heights in order to reduce the drug and alcohol problem in the state of Illinois. In truth, prescription drug use and abuse is basically going out of control and has been for some time now.  While the youth use of alcohol and street drugs has stayed about the same or has gone up slightly, the situation is much more severe with prescription drugs.  For example, teen use and abuse of prescription opioid drugs has more than quadrupled since the turn of the century, and the use and abuse of the common drug, Ritalin has more than doubled.  Truthfully, it would not be at all surprising if by the year 2020 there were more American youths abusing prescription drugs than marijuana.

All in all, in the greater Chicago area and in Arlington Heights specifically, it will not be up to guidance counselors, addiction counselors, and rehab staff to work with teens and young adults and adults alike to work out an addiction crisis and a cultural crisis both.

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