A to Z Of Vehicle Tire Detailing

A to Z Of Vehicle Tire Detailing

The process of auto detailing involves the washing, cleaning and cosmetic touchup from top to bottom of the vehicle with the help of specialized tools and products. However, the process doesn’t involve body repair and paint job. It involves cleaning and reconditioning of a car from interior and exterior. Detailing is performed to restore the brand new look after touch up the existing paintwork and remove scratches and swirl marks.

A to Z Of Vehicle Tire Detailing

When performed at professional carwash facility, the whole vehicle along with tires is serviced. However, when performed at home, tires often get neglected. This is because average users are often unaware of cleaning steps of car tires in Dubai. Cleaning them is necessary as they are extremely dirty. They carry layers of dust along with brake dust residues, which have corrosive properties. If left untreated for a longer period, these residues can cause permanent damage.

Arrange all cleaning supplies

Having been the dirtiest part of an auto, never reuse the washings and dusters, which you have already used on tires to clean the vehicle body. As it is already very dirty and possesses abrasive particles of brake dust. Essential tools required include bucket, large and small brush, wash mitt and applicator. Besides this chemical supplies required for the cleaning are automotive shampoo, tire polish and water-based dressing.

Wash off excess of dust

After arranging cleaning supplies use a strong stream of water to remove excess of dirt and debris from the wheel rim, wheel wells and tires. After that cover the surface completely with cleaner and let it sit to perform its action. Leave it for a reasonable time so that it can loosen the stubborn grime and dust brake deposit.

Clean inside of the wheel

Once you are done with application of cleaner over tire and wheel rim, pick up the large brush from tools soak it cleaning solution and scrub the entire inner area of the wheel. Use a clean brush for every piece, as we know brushes captures grime and residues in their spikes. Use of dirty brush will introduce more dirt and grime instead of cleaning.

Rub the face of rim

After cleaning inner side of wheels, spray cleaner over the face of the rim and thoroughly rub and clean it with the mitt or brush. Don’t forget to rub around nuts and valve stem.

Scrub the tires

Use hard brushes for scrubbing to remove dust and grime from the irregular surface of tires. Do it carefully and avoid using it on metal surfaces as it can produce scratches over metal surfaces. Use a microfiber towel to clean and dry the side wall.

Rinse off the cleaning compound

Use a strong stream of cool water for rinsing the fixture, unless the soapy water turns clear. Dry the rim and wheel well with a microfiber towel. Ensure complete drying of tough-to-reach areas between the spokes.

Apply the tire shiner

Once tires, wheel wells and rims are cleaned and dried completely, pick up the applicator and apply shiner all over the rubber part. Avoid spraying it directly to protect metallic rim. Apply the dressing at the end to keep them shiny for longer duration.

Endnote: Following these essential steps of detailing tires in Dubai will not only keep them shiny but also protect them from early decay.

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