WhatsApp : Latest Version 2.12.250 Update Brings More Custom Notifications

WhatsApp : Latest Version 2.12.250 Update Brings More Custom Notifications

WhatsApp, one of the world’s most popular messaging services, The  WhatsApp updates to their instant messaging service and offers some interesting new features. Now it is possible to choose a custom notification sound on contact. The app WhatsApp has just undergone a major update for Android is now available to download via Google Play. Updated to the new version 2.12.250. The program includes customizable notifications, new emojis and the introduction of skin tone colors, more control over your current discussions, “Mark as Unread” and an option that will allow you to save your data plan when you make voice calls over a mobile network.

WhatsApp is Full of New Stuff!

The update brings including the ability to customize the colors and tones notifications for each contact. So you can customize specific conversation with your own colors and tones, You can also customize the pop up notification to be printed or when the screen is on, when the screen is off. In short, the choice is under what conditions you want to receive notifications from your contacts. To set this, then click on ” notifications.” You can also interrupt a conversation during a predefined period of time by visiting the concerned contact form and activating the “Mute” option.

“Mark as Unread” feature now it is available to WhatsApp Users, It allows you to change the read message to unread message by long pressing on a conversation, and marking it unread switches its status to green.

Another interesting novelty of this update, To activate the new data reduction on WhatsApp used for a call, go to the application’s settings, then click “chats and calls” and activate “low data usage.”, Reduce the amount of data exchanged during voice calls. One option that may be particularly interesting when you are not connected to a WiFi network. Handy when in a place where the network connection is limited or not to exceed the monthly fair use. If you are interested in emoji sender, you will have more skin color options attached to a number of emojis.

The new WhatsApp version was listed as 2.12.250, and it is now available on Google Play.

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