Your Guide On How To Choose Best Hair Color

Your Guide On How To Choose Best Hair Color

Choosing the right hair color is no easy task especially when you have to make sure it goes according to your skin tone. Brown, dusky or fair skin tone, each has its individual personality and different types of hair color suit each of them differently. Apart from the skin tone factor, it is equally important to determine the complexion undertone.

Changing your hairstyle is always in fashion especially with hair coloring. There are a lot of hair colors that have stayed in trend for long such as the ombre and rainbow hair color. This article will help you to get the right hair color according to your skin tone.

Here are some tips/guide to help you choose the right hair color which will give you glamourous look.

Determine and analyse your skin tone first:The first step is to know what exactly is your skin tone. Basically this will help you determine and select the perfect color shades that go best with your skin tone. If you have a lighter skin tone then you should opt for golden blonde, honey blonde, flaxen or golden brown shades. These colors can also suit fair skin or skin with pink undertone. It is important to understand the skin’s undertone, whether your undertones are deep, warm or cool.

Pick a tone that is opposite from your skin tone:Generally, it is the better idea to pick a shade which is opposite from your skin tone. This can be applied for all skin types and tones. Usually darker skin tones have the USP to look good in more intense hair shades such red and deep burgundy. Warm shades go great with a bright skin tone. Cool skin undertones can also go with the colors like blonde, burgundy and flaxen. The shades opposite of your skin tone will help you redefine your facial features as well.

Match yourself with a celeb:One of the best tips is to match your skin tone and color with a celeb who has the same skin tone as yours, and if those with whom you feel you have some sort of resemblance. Since they have a lot of looks and images of themselves up on the internet, it will give you an idea so you can choose a best hair color by seeing how it will appear on you.

Your eye color matters too:Choosing the right hair color is also determined by what color are your eyes. In order to choose a best-suited hair color, make sure it compliments your natural eye color. Fairer skin tones might have light blue, green or hazel blue color eyes that compliment hair colors such as golden blonde, burgundy or honey blonde. Whereas darker tones can enjoy colors that highlight their features and are not too intense such as chestnut browns, lighter brown or red shades and many more.

Be trendy with super stylish hair colors and choose what suits you the best! There are many expert hair colorists in Houston who are ready to get you your dream hair color. Get in touch with them today!

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