3 Best Fish To Put In Your Outdoor Fountain

3 Best Fish To Put In Your Outdoor Fountain

A lot of homeowners these days are discovering the joys of having a prominent water feature in their property, such as an outdoor fountain. These design elements not only make the environment more inviting and aesthetically pleasing, but they also actually help enhance the market value of your home. In Asian cultures, a water feature is also a lucky element that keeps energy circulating in the house, thereby attracting good vibrations and prosperity.

If you already have a water feature in your home like a garden fountain, a waterfall, or a pond, you may want to take it to the next level by improving your outdoor fountain with the simple trick of placing fish in it. It is a great idea especially for animal lovers who wish to take care of fish as additional pets.

Choosing Fish to Put in your Water Feature

The most ideal fish to put in a water feature such as an outdoor fountain are those that are naturally found in ponds, lakes, and similar bodies of water. They usually swim and search for food near the water’s surface. In terms of an outdoor fountain or water feature, this makes them easily visible to viewers and they enhance the visual atmosphere of the area more effectively. Such fish are also usually highly colorful and attractive. They move with grace and are a pleasure to watch.

It is also important to control the propagation of the fish. Too many fish in a limited body of water can upset the natural ecosystem and lead to fish deaths. There’s also the probability that the water will get dirty easily and will be murky. If you choose to place fish in your outdoor fountain or water feature, make sure to be vigilant of the fishes’ maturity and growth.

Best Pond Fish

In terms of popularity among homeowners and enthusiasts, here are the top 3 fish to consider placing in your own outdoor fountain or water feature:

  • Japanese koi: These carps are the most sought-after and well-loved fish to place in ponds and outdoor water features. They are extremely colorful, usually coming in color combinations of gold, black, red, and white. They can grow in length up to 32 inches, and can age up to 40 years. They are quite easy to feed and maintain all year round. They are also very intelligent and respond well as pets. Be careful though as cats and other predators may be attracted to their bright colors.
  • Goldfish: Many people are familiar with goldfish as aquarium animals, but they are also perfect for bigger outdoor spaces and bodies of water such as fountains. They grow in size accordingly—up to 14 inches—and make great pets as well. They are slower swimmers, and thus have an interesting visual appeal as well. They are quite strong and hardy, and require little maintenance in terms of health and food. They are also relatively more affordable and easier to procure. Aside from gold (which is actually a deep and shiny shade of orange), they can come in other colors such as black, white, and red.
  • Gobi: A gobi is sometimes called an algae eater, but it actually feeds on insects, worms, and snails. Visually, it is not as appealing but it is a good creature to add in a pond to balance its ecosystem. It grows to a maximum of 6 inches, and usually live up to 5 years. They usually live close to the ground or soil, and thus they are often camouflaged on surfaces and between stones.

Enhancing Outdoor Fountains

Choosing the right fish to enhance your outdoor water feature is a simple but effective way to spruce up your home’s surroundings. Having fish swim in your outdoor fountain produces an even more calming effect. It also helps maintain the water feature better because the fish balance the ecosystem of algae in the water, and prevents overgrowth which may become harmful for humans. Adding the right fish to your home’s water feature will definitely provide you with years of pleasure and enjoyment.

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