What Are Suspension Parameters and How Are These Measured?

Suspension parameter measurement aids forensic engineers to recreate their behavior on road at the time of analysis and examination of failure. Such machines offer steering measurements and precise suspension in conditions that pretend real-world situations. Suspension technology offer value at the time of vehicle development and accident investigation.

Ways in which suspension parameters get measured

Suspension parameters are computed by agencies in a specific way. Forensic engineers make use of several procedures to test suspensions depending on the kind of real-world situations that our clients need to simulate. One fixed suspension method testing requires you to grab the vehicle in a steady state while applying constant pressure on its suspension.

Its exemplary equipment regulates the force accurately to generate precise measurements. Besides carrying out suspension tests, the equipment can even test steering systems to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the way the vehicle operates.

How does Testing Steering Systems work?

Steering system is an integral part of the suspension unit. Testing this component is also very essential. To test steering system requires the vehicle to get mounted so responses and force can be precisely computed. Our exclusive testing devices are able to handle both static and dynamic testing in order to study the steering abilities of a vehicle in several different conditions.

Controlled external force is applied to steering system to find out the way it responds, and how are the results computed. The impact of internal inputs is recorded to understand its usefulness at maneuvering the vehicle.

Types of services offered by a transportation company

There are different types of services provided to the various transportation industries in the market. Some of these are explained below as:

Automotive Weathering Testing

With the help of different tests (including xenon arc and UV light) element provides automotive weathering testing services on components and materials.

Corrosion Testing

Corrosion testing services of an element varies from pitting to salt spray, crevice corrosion and cyclic corrosion testing.

Durability testing of trailer hitches

Element offer durability testing procedures for various different trailer hitches, and towing equipment that includes vibration testing, load testing, mechanical strength and environmental simulation.

Fatigue Testing

Fatigue testing labs enables firm to fulfill quality requirements as well as form safer, more successful and stronger products and parts.

Mechanical Testing

Mechanical tests of an element display whether a part or a material is appropriate for its intended mechanical procedures.

Metallurgical Testing

Metallurgical testing services include corrosion evaluation, microscopy, on-site services and hardness.

Real-Time Simulation Testing

Real-time simulation testing abilities encompass various sectors in the entire transportation industry, right from light to cars and off-highway equipment and heavy trucks.

Servo-Hydraulic Testing

Customized developed bed plates and complex servo-hydraulic systems provide servo-hydraulic testing amenities for application in military, automotive, commercial, and other sectors.

Vehicle Dynamics Testing

Vehicle dynamics testing is mainly catered for elements to provide crucial testing services to global clients in the automotive, rail, defense, transportation and aerospace sectors.


Suspension test is very important to examine the road failure. This analysis will help in better reduction of the possibilities of risks. All the above testing is performed to accomplish the task in an efficient manner.

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