What To Know About An Automatic Welder

Welding is a tough and dangerous job for anyone in the construction business. It requires a steady hand, a good deal of safety, and an open area where the smoke and potentially harmful chemicals can drift away without harming the welder. Should the worker’s hand slip, should the welded piece move, or if a welding spark combines with a dangerous element, the results for everyone around could be tragic. What is needed in many situations, especially in the world of petrochemicals, is an automated solution which keeps the worker at hand’s length from the welding arc.

 This is where the concept of automatic welding comes in. Companies like Dyna-Torque supply these machines to construction companies like Lonestar Welding to ease the risks connection to this skilled profession. Incorporating 21st century technology, automatic welders offer a more accurate weld quality throughout the process, thus making the initial investment a low-cost alternative.

The standard design is that of a single-head orbital welder which can close pipes starting at four inches in diameter. Light for an automatic tool, these types of welders offer microprocessing control. This nearly mitigates the need for weld repairs and, therefore, lower labor and equipment costs. The machines also record information on the time the task started, the weld provided, and the time completed. This log of data provides managers with numerous statistical details.

An automatic welder helps reduce the dependency of having a trained operator on-call at any time of day. However, this doesn’t mean trained individuals aren’t required. Workers who operate the automatic welder need education on what it does and how it can be controlled to provide a weld with minimal issues. In addition, safety protocols still need to be adhered to during the welding process. It may not mean a full welding outfit is required, but gloves and safety glasses are definite necessities.

Before you go out and purchase an automatic welder look at your current operations and budget to determine if there are enough projects for its use. You also want to contact other companies in the area to see if they use an automatic welder and how it has worked for them. Finally, make sure you establish a connection with a representative who can answer all of your questions about this large investment.

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