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Often we hear about the difficult task of educating children and adolescents and the question of how you can search from different fields, methods and techniques that can facilitate the study and learning arises not only these but also in the adulthood.

However, not only are techniques, many even mention food to improve performance in the study, although it is clear that only some of those mentioned with such properties, actually possess, from their nutritional components. In any case, what is sought is to eradicate the causes of school failure in children and facilitate and accelerate learning in adults.

This simple method will make a technic to study, which serves to better assimilate information. While nothing new can continue to apply as it has a great effect. The most important thing when it comes to study and implement a study technique is that you can save time and assimilation of information is effective.

The steps of this technique to study are:

  • First recommended a first reading of study material in a relaxed manner while maintaining the fixed attention.
  • A second reading is then performed with greater detail and will be highlighting the most important concepts that appear.
  • Third and after having underlined the main ideas of the text you spend summarize everything you’ve underscored in a separate notebook or on your computer.
  • As a fourth point of the study method you do a sketch with the summary that you have done previously.

Thus what you’re doing is starting from the most general to the most specific and concrete. Thus the central ideas are summarizing and gathering to assimilate more easily.

Finally you’re just reading the final scheme in words idea or concept that words after reading them know what you are referring. When there are doubts about any of these central concepts outlined must return to the original text to refresh your memory and concept.

Emotional intelligence educate your children can be a great resource, since control of emotions is of fundamental importance to develop the full potential on all fronts and at any stage of life.

Another resource applicable to the study methods is the dynamic learning neurolinguistic programming., Based on a process of learning through experience, which uses techniques and exercises that develop different strategies of thought.

This method will save study time and learn or assimilated faster and more adequately the information. Finally it is recommended together with a partner / a study and ask questions about the concepts studied. Thus, these techniques and methods to facilitate the study are good examples for a more effective both in children and adolescents, and adults of all ages learning.

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