Classy and Elegant Halloween Party Ideas

If the last thing you want is to have scary Halloween decorations, there is always an option of classy and elegant decor. Halloween decorations are generally overcrowded, tacky and sometimes really a little too scary. There are many ways to introduce the Halloween spirit into your home without it looking like a haunted house.

Classy and Elegant Halloween Party Ideas

Simple details

An idea for elegant and chic Halloween is to use dark and gothic motifs in your home. Motifs like skulls, candles and photos can bring very retro glamor and create a dark atmosphere at home. What you can do is place a metal skull on your coffee table or bedside table, draw silhouettes of black cats or decorate with ornate candles.

Classy Setting

Another interesting idea for Halloween is to try to recreate the decor of your favorite horror film. Old Victorian mansions and Halloween go really well together! And while the scenes of horror films are usually very frightening, sometimes you can find a certain charm in the luxury of a decrepit haunted houses. Think of the movie ‘The Shining’, ‘American Psycho’ or the series ‘American Horror Story’ for inspiration.

Classy and Elegant Halloween Party Ideas

Go Gothic

The juxtaposition of glamor and Gothic details is another idea that you can use in your Halloween decor. The glamorous and feminine decor will help soften the space filled with Gothic elements. Place things like skulls on top of your bed in the bedroom or different elegant black accents to create a slightly mysterious atmosphere.

Pumpkin Elegance

It is impossible not to mention the pumpkins on Halloween, and especially when it comes to stylish decor. But this time leave out the knife and candles, and go for the brush and paint. Pumpkins do not necessarily need to be transformed into scary faces. There are actually many other ways to decorate a pumpkin in a festive and original way. You can, for example, decorate your pumpkins with stickers, dip them in silver or gold paint or draw modern motifs on them. Whatever you choose, you will have pumpkins that you would want to keep even after the party.

A Perfect Table

On this holiday it is already cold outside and there is usually not much sun after 6 pm. So you are left with not much to do except illuminating your home using many thematic candles. Being very elegant, black candles are, for example, the perfect addition to the decor of the table and the feeling they create is very cozy. Together with some fancy-looking Halloween food such as cobweb muffins, stuffed rats (minced meat and pumpkin in the shape of rats), guacamole and diced tomato served in a pumpkin, good old Bloody Mary cocktails and all the necessary kitchen appliances needed for this elegant feast, Halloween dinner would prove to be an opportunity to dine royal style with some scary twist, of course.

Classy and Elegant Halloween Party Ideas

Use the Flowers

Gothic floral arrangements are beautiful and give a magical and mysterious look to your decor. Use camellias, calla lilies and elegant roses in dark red. There is no need to throw your bouquets of withered flowers – dried flowers are perfect to incorporate into the Halloween decoration.

Dark Artwork

Do you like art? Then replace your usual art paintings with wall paintings inspired by the Halloween theme. And even if you do nothing else for decoration, a wall in the living room decorated with strange silhouettes, skulls and fake blood splatter suffice to show your Halloween spirit during the festival. You just need a little imagination.

Classy and Elegant Halloween Party Ideas

Place of Spook

Instead of putting all your Halloween decor inside, you can choose one place that will become the focus of Halloween decor in your home. If, for example, you have a fireplace, it is the perfect place to put all your favorite Halloween accessories. And to accentuate this, opt for a glamorous color scheme of black, white and gold. Use empty frames, fake crows, feathers and vintage elements for an original and mysterious touch.

Halloween is one of the most exciting nights of the year for children as well as adults. It is the night of costumes, extravagant make-up and crazy parties. And if you are going to party, do it with style!

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