Experience The Tang Of South India Through Its Delicious Dishes

Experience The Tang Of South India Through Its Delicious Dishes

South Indian dishes are not only mouth-watering but they can fill your eyes with water too. Of course, these dishes are the hottest of all the food dishes in India.  Rice with gravy is one of the most important foods in most areas of this region. It goes down well with chutneys, poppadum, fried non-vegetarian eatables or dry cooked vegetables. Jowar, Ragiand bajra are also extensively used in some of the places. Anyhow, whatever be the case, these dishes are overwhelming and scrumptious. Have a look at some of the popular ones below:

Delicious Idli

Talking about this most popular dish of Tamil Naidu, it is the breakfast of most of the south Indian families. This delectable dish is prepared of the blend of black gram flour and rice.  Idli is most of the times served with varieties of Chutneys and Sambar.

Mutton chukka

Talking about mutton chukka, it is a finger-licking Chettinad cuisine from the Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu.  Here the word chukka simply means ‘Dry Curry.’  It goes absolutely well with paratha, curd rice or any type of roti verities. Of course, people can always be creative in their cooking style. You can add up the cuisines as per your taste and convenience.

Vadai or Vada

Vadai is a deep fried scrumptious dish that is served in almost every hotel and restaurant in Tamil Naidu as a breakfast dish.  There are different types ofVada such as

  • Meduvada that is prepared of urad dal.
  • Masala Vada that is prepared of toor dal.
  • Maddur vade is a type of Vadai that is like an onion vada.  

These were just a few types of Vadai options. You can experience as much of tang as you want under the realm of this specific dish.

Tamarind Rice

Tamarind rice is undoubtedly one of the quick fix food items for busy people and this is something loved by many south Indians. It is even more popular among the ones who have to pack a meal in lunch box. This dish is also a must eatable to be prepared during the time of festivals such as Diwali or Ganesh Chaturthi   and is mostly served in temples.  In earlier times, this dish Was prepared with boiled  or steamed   rice that is enhanced with peanuts, tamarind juice,  red chili, coriander leaves, curry leaves,  grated coconut, pepper, jaggery,  fenugreek, mustard seeds,  asafoetida, turmeric, cumin and so on.


The vada with a hole in the centre has been one of the hot favourites of south Indians not only as an everyday cuisine, but on the days of festivities and celebrations.  The scrumptious crisp on the top but soft inside vadas were the amazing ancestors of doughnuts who have copied their shape.  Of course, these are mostly prepared at homes but they are equally famous as street food too.

Thus, these were just a few of the dishes and eatables that you should not miss in your day today life. If you are in South India, you have to try these out at least once!

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