Avoid Silly Driving Test Mistakes and Give Best Performance On The Day

Shockingly, the first time driving test pass rate is lower than 42% overall pass rate reported till date. According, to a survey people failed because they did something silly, which they would not do normally, during their driving training. In addition, 90% were influenced by negative thoughts, which affected their results.

List of failures in accordance to DVSA

Look through the list given below to identify your driving strengths and weaknesses. This will help you to use relevant techniques to practice.

  • Reverse parking – Lack of accuracy or ineffective observation
  • Observation at junctions – Wrong observation & judgement
  • Use of mirrors – Forgetting to check
  • Use of signals – Forgot to give or cancelled
  • Moving away – No control while moving away
  • Incorrect positioning – At bends, lanes and roundabouts
  • Lack of control over steering – Steering too early or late
  • Reversing around corners – Lack of accuracy
  • Turn round in-road – Wrong observation
  • Inappropriate speed – Either too slow or too fast

Get familiar with what to experience at driving test routes

After booking for driving test at www.booktheorytesttoday.com learners need to understand the aspects required to pass the practical drive test comfortably. You can take tips from experienced driving instructors.

However, first know what exactly happens on the test day. It will make you more confident. In the show me tell me test questions make sure to know all about them and get a good start. You can start practicing on quiz tests provided online to test your abilities.

Driving test routes can be used to get familiar with such areas. For example, you can easily practice such areas like large roundabouts, crossroads or roundabouts, if they are included in the driving test routes.

Select a driving instructor, who is familiar with the test routes. Obviously, test routes will be comprised of some challenging and hazardous areas. The potential diving instructor will certainly give tips on how to overcome these areas smoothly. Remember to engage an instructor who is easy to communicate with and patient because you will spend 30 to 40 hours together.

Driving test manoeuvres

This is the section, where you need to have total control. Controlling the speed accurately, while manoeuvring and the knack to stop the vehicle, during hazard is a driving art that needs to be completed confidently. Precise and perfect manoeuvre with constant observation all-around is the key to pass practical driving test.

Independent driving

You will be given 10 minutes independent driving, where you will need to drive along a route showed by the examiner. It is likely to make mistakes but you have to progress with the tests and not get concerned of what has already happened.

If you turned on a wrong road, does not mean you have failed, but the examiner will surely guide you towards the proper route. Independent driving is to test your ability to maintain your calmness under stressful conditions and depend on road signs for navigating.

Driving part lasts for 30 minutes only but the inspector will test your capabilities on test routes and most difficult areas. Therefore, understand the road systems and if you are not confident then take advice from your driving instructor. Even if you feel that you will need to take some extra lessons then it is cheaper than having to retake the driving test.

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