5 Steps To A Healthy Pregnancy

5 Steps To A Healthy Pregnancy

A pregnancy involves so many changes in your lifestyle that adaptation can be complicated. However, if you organize new habits and become aware of what you and your little one need, the new routine can be very simple.

Although having a healthy pregnancy is a somewhat complicated duty, since you must take into account various factors that could alter it, today we will take care of giving you the five basic elements for which your pregnancy can develop healthily.

It is about some determinants that you cannot do without during pregnancy, since they are fundamental for the little one that grows inside your uterus to acquire a gestation and a solid and permanent development.


A healthy and balanced diet during pregnancy is of vital importance for the baby to develop correctly. Keep in mind that not only must you get energy for yourself, but another life must also be nourished. That is why experts recommend increasing the amount ingested by 300 calories. In addition, regular consumption of fiber and proteins is recommended. Similarly, processed meats, unpasteurized soft cheeses, raw eggs and fish with high mercury content should be avoided.

In addition, you must control the consumption of liquids: try to drink plenty of water and avoid alcoholic beverages and caffeine. Vitamin supplements are especially recommended during pregnancy mention on SupplementsBit.

These ensure adequate consumption of calcium, iron and folic acid for both, ensuring the welfare and proper growth of the baby. Especially, breakfast is the most important meals of the day for pregnant women. An ideal breakfast option for your state could consist of two toasts, milk and fruit juice, two slices of bread, an egg or cheese.

Make sure that you do not lack elements such as iron and calcium (honey, jam and egg can help you get them.) Keep in mind too, that prolonged fasting during pregnancy will end up affecting your baby.

You should not forget the importance of drinking water. It is an essential element that you should ingest during pregnancy. Water is an important resource in all stages of life, at all times of our day.

The benefits of water during pregnancy, both for the woman and her baby, are incalculable: it hydrates the body, cleanses the maternal blood of toxins, protects the health of the baby, prevents hypertension, and improves the skin condition of the woman.

Exercise during pregnancy

Undoubtedly, regular exercise is not only advisable during pregnancy, but also necessary. Now, this must always be of low impact, avoiding taking excess weight and reducing the level of fatigue if necessary. Its moderate practice allows a good preparation for childbirth, prevents pain, improves circulation and speeds recovery.

Also, be sure to stretch before exercising, since the hormones present in the body during pregnancy can weaken your muscles and joints. By doing them, you reduce the risk of injury.

A good exercise program will help you gain the strength and endurance you need to support the weight gain of pregnancy, prevent or reduce body aches, improve blood circulation in the legs, and help prepare you physically for delivery.

It will also help you to recover the form more quickly once the baby is born. In addition, physical activity is an excellent antidote to stress, and some studies indicate that by exercising we increase our levels of serotonin, a chemical produced in the brain that is linked to our mood. During this special period you must stay calm and avoid stressful situations. For this, in addition to physical health, emotional health is required.

Rest well

The tiredness that you naturally feel during the first and last trimesters of pregnancy is a sign that your body is asking you to rest. Listen to it and rest as much as you can.

If you cannot take a nap in the middle of the afternoon, temporarily put aside some of your responsibilities and take a little break. Even if you do not sleep, at least sit comfortably for a while, read a book or magazine.

No tobacco or drugs

Although it is not recommended for tobacco and drugs, its consumption during pregnancy can be deadly for the baby.

It can trigger premature births, sudden infant death syndrome, intervene in your sleep rhythms and cause headaches, among others.

Monitor the environment

Although it is often inevitable, during pregnancy, we must avoid radiation and chemicals.

Although your contact with these products is not usual, keep in mind that cleaning products, for example, are also included … as far as possible, limit contact with them.

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