A Small Wind Turbine Provides Green Power For Homes

Wind power is an energy source that is both clean and renewable. The favorite among homeowners today is the small wind turbine, which can produce power at lower wind speeds. Among other equipment, a system that can be set up for home use includes wind generator blades and battery charge controls, but there are affordable systems whether you are interested in generating some or all of your energy requirements.

Light Winds Generate Impressive Power

One example of a green energy source for homes, farms, ranches and commercial buildings is the 600W, 48V wind turbine, This system, which employs the use of five generator blades, produces power even in light wind conditions; these quiet, injection-molded, light-weight blades are aerodynamically optimized. There is also a hybrid charge controller, which not only converts AC to DC but also provides battery charge and load controls for both wind and solar power. This is a powerful yet inexpensive system that can produce power from 9 mph up to 95 mph winds. It can withstand the strongest winds but is built to provide the performance you need in very light wind conditions.

A System Ready for Grid Connection

Some wind turbine owners want a system that can be connected to the local power grid. If there is no wind, the grid tie will ensure that electricity is still provided without interruption. When the wind does blow, any excess energy generated by the system will be sent back to the local utility and used by someone else in the community. A low wind speed system that works in the area of 10 mph to 35 mph will generate 1KW of power at 21 mph. Rotation will begin at about 4.5 mph and start to charge the battery at a wind speed of 9 mph. The blades, machine molded with industrial plastics, are well balanced and highly efficient. The equipment for this system includes the generator, rotor assembly, tail, cables, controller and product manual.

Maintaining the Small Wind System

A wind turbine and its tower should be inspected annually in order to ensure good performance and a healthy lifespan, which might be 20 years or more. The performance of some turbines, however, can be monitored remotely from a home computer.

The Fruits of Going Green

In terms of electricity production, wind energy is the fastest growing source in the world. A small wind turbine is actually an electric generator that produces clean, emission-free power. It can be an off-grid or on-grid system, but either way the prospective buyer islikely thinking about this alternative energy source in terms of saving on electric bills and being kind to the environment at the same time. The utility-scale turbines we see in the news, or on wind farms while driving across the country, are enormous pieces of equipment with blades that may be anywhere from 120 to 185 feet in length. Once the big wind farms took shape, it was only a matter of time before smaller wind turbines began showing up in backyards and on farms and commercial properties across the nation.An experienced supplier of high-quality wind-generating systems can answer any questions you might have about this kind of green energy.

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