Understand The Difference Between Natural and Unnatural Links

Basically, link building is a process to earn links from other websites. Natural links earned directly through this procedure improves the reputation and ranking of your website on the search engine.

If you are a beginner then you may be wondering about how to increase website traffic. Well, there are several ways but remember some strategies are ‘natural’, ‘white hat’ and ‘legitimate’. However, there are some techniques that violate the guidelines provided by Google Webmaster and so these are classified as ‘black hat techniques’.

Google’s Webmaster Guidelines are labeled as, ‘Web spam’ but in reality these are link building guidelines and not a guidebook that shows ways to spam Google.

Link building is an off-page optimization process, which is challenging. Some people claim that Google has equated link building to spamming very successfully. It was soon discovered that link building was still an extremely vital aspect of SEO but only quality guidelines were enhanced for better user experience.

Defining Natural and Unnatural links

A natural link is the freely available editorial link, whereas an unnatural link is the one you create yourself. Google rankings get affected from both.

  • On record Google says that it does not count links that are not editorial.
  • High quality content that is helpful to readers and earned natural or organic links is rewarded by Google but unnatural links do not support this concept.
  • Even though Google never wishes to take unnatural links in count, its algorithm works a little differently, according to them. Therefore, some marketers take shortcut for the ‘values add content’ feature and build unnatural links. It affects how Google rates, ‘Popularity’ and in turns the ranking ability of particular website.
  • It seems like Google hasn’t classified high ranking and more traffic as spam.
  • The kind of links Google search engine counts do not scale easily. Actually, the link kinds that scale effortlessly are the ones Google desires to ignore or penalize for violation.
  • Critics say this because SEO is a huge threat to advertising channel sponsored by Google – Adwords. However, if Google ignores to take action of this huge manipulation then their guidelines will be regarded as redundant.
  • According to Googleplex, a manipulative link is a spam.
  • Link builders are regarded as spammers but even manually building low-quality links to con Google bots is also a spam technique.
  • Posting plenty of poor quality press releases or guest posts on sites with Google spamming history is also regarded as spam. At the end of the day, the kind of link generated is the outcome of your activity.
  • Too many unnatural links specifically designed to exploit Google get penalized.

It is wise to hire link building specialist capable to assist you increase website traffic by providing readers with valuable and information rich content. It is healthy for your business website to cater to best user experience with rich content, the key to top rank on Google for long term.

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