7 Taboos About Relationships Where You Should Stop Believing

We grew up listening to moral rules or what to do or not regarding relationships, right? Fortunately, many people think there are no right or wrong things when it comes to a relationship that each partner respects and form their own rules according to their personalities, beliefs and circumstances have passed by.

So today we’ll talk about some taboos about relationships where you should stop believing to open up to form your own rules regardless of what society sees as right or wrong.

You cannot Date someone much Younger than you

You met a guy you head flies, but has 5 years younger than you, you tell your friends and they put face in horror as you say, “Oh, but less than you. Are you sure it will work? “

Speaking of the Former it is Prohibited

This really is one of the taboo topics for couples, right? Well, in my opinion, you do have to talk about the former. The past is part of and see no reason to hide it or lie about it. What do you think?

You cannot have a long Distance Relationship

Who says it? You know how many couples really love relations have maintained a distance during a time when there was no alternative? Perhaps these relationships do not follow the same rules as a normal relationship, but it can work.

Women do not Take the Initiative to Invite Someone to Leave

Yes, women were taught to expect men to come to them. But who comes up? If women are ultimately always chose men, then, why not speak bluntly and ready?

You cannot be Partner of Someone with whom you Work

Just ask someone to work with your partner to see if you cannot. And I say this not only because I have seen many couples do, and are happier than many others, but because I had the experience and yes you can.

If they Sleep in Separate Beds it is not a Relationship

As I said before, each couple is different and each puts its rules. Do you prefer to sleep in separate beds? Well, I ready.

If you Fall for a Friend of your Boyfriend you’re the Worst

We all know that love is something that arises and that, often, the reason does not understand. Perhaps fate put in your path as a friend of your partner so that you know and you could fall in love with who he really is for you, what you thought?

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