The Perfect Solution For The Common Issue “How to Speed up My Mac”

The Perfect Solution For The Common Issue “How to Speed up My Mac”

If you are also running a snail-like Mac, don’t worry, it is a very common problem. Everybody cannot buy the new versions every time. There are a number of reasons behind slowing down of your Mac and if you are also searching how to speed up my mac, you have come to right place. The slowness can be because of reasons like it can be old or the version you are using can be outdated or maybe storage is about to full. Here are some important tips which should help you in fixing the problem.

One common mistake that most of the people do is installing a program or software that claims to optimize your Mac, but actually, it takes some space. They clean some temporary files, which do not mean optimizing or cleaning your Mac.

Check Activity Monitor and Close Unnecessary Apps

Activity monitor shows the apps, which are taking memory and running behind. It can be opened from the Utility folder. One can see ongoing processes and it is quite obvious to close the unnecessary apps which are running in the background. It is the quickest way to speed up your Mac.

Startup Apps

Clean startup simply means fast performance. There is the number of apps which are set as open at startup automatically which needs to be stopped manually. You need to go to your system preferences, and then click on your username in user and group option. By clicking login items, you can turn off apps which you don’t want to run at startup. This step is very simple to do, so enjoy your boosted Mac once again.

Change Visual Settings

Lowering some visual setting can increase the pace and performance of your Mac. Now, most Macs run on Mac OS X without any problem. Click system preferences and then Dock and uncheck some of the options such as Magnification, Animate opening apps, auto hide and show the dock, and turn off accessibility. Doing these changes will surely increase the speed of your mac, and you won’t have to search how to make Mac run faster anymore.

Update your Apps Regularly

The best way to keep your Mac fast and up to date is to keep updating the necessary apps. Apple provides software updates regularly to make their customers up to date. There is an option in App store named automatically check for updates and clicking it will make sure you get the auto installation of updated apps if you have a stable internet connection. This way you will have access to the latest features present in your Mac.

Clean up your Hard Drive

Cleaning up is very important in any of the gadgets. Go through your hard drive and delete all unwanted files. The waste can include caches, logs, apps, widgets, plugins, and hidden trash. Deleting these files can increase the speed of your Mac. There are some online tools which can help you in this cleaning process.

Now, don’t feel frustrated and have a faster Mac once again!

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