Geneva Transport Guide

There many ways you can travel in Geneva. From public transportation to taxi or car rental companies, you will definitely find a suitable way of traveling in Geneva for you. Here are the main options when it comes to transport in Geneva:


This is indeed the one of the most known and comfortable ways of traveling, especially when you are not familiar with the city or the area. The airport transfers in Geneva can be made with a taxi cab, as the airport provides professionals service in this field, too. You may book a taxi online, and you will have it as soon as you land the airport. You will receive the necessary information via email, and you will pay for the services to the taxi driver, directly. You have to know that transport from theairport to the center of the city might cost you from 35 to 45 CHF.

Unireso Public Transport System

Geneva Unireso is agreat opportunity for the ones who live in the Geneva and for the ones who visit it. The public transport system in Geneva includes train, bus, tram, and boat. You can travel any of these as long as you have a Unireso ticket or card. For those who just arrived, Unireso is an excellent choice for airport transfers in Geneva. In the baggage reclaim hall, you will find a machine that provides free Unireso ticket for Zone 10, for 80 minutes. This zone includes the airport, the city center and the majority of the hotels from Geneva. But you have to keep in mind that from the public transport, only train and bus are available for airport transfers in Geneva.

With this option, you may visit the Geneva, cross the lake, change the way of transportation at anytime – all for a very small price. A 1-hour card costs 3 Euros per adult, a 1-day card costs 10 Euros per adult, and a 1-day card from 9 AM costs 8 Euros per adult.

Train – available at the airport train platform every 12 to 20 minutes

Bus – available at the airport bus station every 9 to 15 minutes

Tram – not available from the airport

Boat – mouettes, also known as yellow taxi boats – not available from the airport.

Car Rental Companies

Such companies have many offices inside the airport. This means that you can rent a car as soon as you arrive the airport, so you won’t have to worry about public transportation or taxi. This method is also a very comfortable one. The cars are provided with GPS, so all you have to know is the destination you want to reach.

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