One Of The Best Role Models Of The America Hotel Industry!

The hotel and the hospitality industry in America have been gifted with some true business leaders who have made a significant contribution to the industry. These leaders care for the growth and the development of their hotels and this is the reason why they are remembered with gratitude and respect. One such business leader in the hotel and hospitality industry of the USA is Patrick Imbardelli. He is a man of deep trust and repute. He was the Chief Executive Officer of The Pan Pacific Hotels Group in the USA. This hotel group is known for its exemplary staff and service standards. The quality of service is so high that it has been the recipient of a number of global awards and recognition across the world. It has 12 locations across the world and is regarded to be one of the best luxury chains in the world.

Thanks to the sincere and hardworking efforts of Patrick Imbardelli the PPHG is one of the best names across the world. Patrick has always been a leader that follows by example. He has been associated with the hotel and hospitality industry of the USA for more than 30 years. He shares his rich skills and experience with his staff. This is one of the prime reasons why the PPHG is one of the best hotel chains in the world today.

Those who have been closely associated with Patrick state that he is a very caring and friendly human being. He is one of the most respected mentors in the hotel and hospitality industry today. His subordinates and staff love him and they always approach him when in dilemma.

Patrick is known for his excellent problem resolving skills. It is obvious that there are a lot of people staying in hotels daily. They come from diverse backgrounds and have their set standards of service expectations. Patrick not only guides his staff on how to make guests happy but he also teaches them ways on how to manage dissatisfied customers. Guests and customers are human beings like us. They need the humane touch. This is why he recommends his staff to always go the extra mile as permitted by the authorities of the hotel to make guests and customers happy. The smile of satisfaction on the face of a guest or a customer is worth more than a million dollars.

Patrick Imbardelli is a mentor who cares and helps his subordinates in need. He trains and grooms them to be exemplary leaders in the hotel and hospitality industry like himself. This is why he is well loved and respected by his peers. He also is known to have been an excellent brand manager. He has made the PPGH chain of hotels one of the best in the world as he focused on the positive promotion and marketing of its brand. The staff followed him and today the chain is a benchmark hotel across the world. Patrick Imbardelli is a role model and one of the best hoteliers America has ever seen!

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