Few Common Myths About Car Washing

Few Common Myths About Car Washing

Car repair and maintenance is not as easy as it sounds. There are many misconceptions about the people about car maintenance. However, being a little bit alert and using common sense, the car can be cleaned and maintained easily. Here I am discussing few common myths regarding car which is wrong.

Myth 1- Any Detergent can be used to clean Car

One of the most common myths about car cleaning is, any detergent can be used to wash the car. Well, one should handle the car with the delicacy. If you want to make your car look like new, you should use only car cleaner to clean the outer surface of the car. Mild soap and shampoo can be used to clean the car. But detergent is harmful to the painting of the car. So, if you want to keep the long lasting finish of the car, you should use the cleaner made for car washing.

Myth 2- Interior cleaning is not Required

Most of the people only clean the exterior parts of the car and never go for cleaning the interior parts. It is essential to keep the interior clean to breathe well inside the car. The dashboard, gear, seats, mats, etc. should frequently be cleaned. With the steam cleaner, all the dust and dirt can be pulled down easily from the interior parts of your car. Vacuum cleaner is also a popular choice to clean all the parts inside the car.

Myth 3- Using car cover is not Mandatory

There is a most common myth about using the car cover that car cover is not mandatory to use. No one wants to use car cover and thinks it is completely unnecessary for the car. Even if they buy any car cover, buy the cheapest one only. But car cover offers different benefits to the users. It gives protection to the car in the bad weather condition. It also keeps the dust and germs away from the car. Padded car cover provides ultimate safety to the car in the extreme weather condition. So, using car cover is mandatory for every car owners.

Myth 4- Car which Shines is clean

Many people have wrong conception about the cleanliness of the car. As all that glitters is not gold, all the shiny car is not cleaned. You can make your car look shiny from externally but what about different parts and internal portion of the car. The engine, dashboard, etc. also require equal attention like the exterior part. So, cleaning the body of the car is not enough, you have to look on the other parts also.

Myth 5- Polishing and waxing are the Same thing

Many people do not understand the differences between the waxing and polishing. Car waxing protects the finishing of the car with thin coat of different chemicals. Car polishing is responsible for the shine of the car. So, polishing and waxing are two different things.

Myth 6- Car cleaning and Detailing are the same thing

Many people believe that car detailing and the finishing is the same thing. But there is a lots of differences in cleaning and detailing. Cleaning can be done by anyone whereas for detailing expert hands are required. Car cleaning can be done in short time but for car detailing, experts need two days or three days. There are also a lots of differences in the gear and equipment used in car detailing and cleaning.

So, these are few myths about the car I often overhear.

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