Is Your Tech Support Doing Its Job To The Mark? 5 Ways To Find Out

Is Your Tech Support Doing Its Job To The Mark? 5 Ways To Find Out

An important part of your organization is your Tech support. It’s your tech support that helps keep a consistent communication link between you and your consumers. IT helpdesk support services define your excellence in providing support to your customers. In any company, the helpdesk comprises of IT solutions for the problems. The helpdesk people are using a common software to keep track of the problem and accordingly handle them. But for it to work smoothly you need to monitor and provide solutions in case of issues.

The 5 ways you can determine if your tech support is functioning to its optimum level and if it does not then implement methods to bring it up to the optimum level:

1.The IT helpdesk which is built and neglected

In many cases, the tech support works on IT helpdesk that has not been reviewed and updated since deployment. This causes problems for the staff and they are reluctant to use it. To overcome this situation you must continuously review and update your IT helpdesk and if the people working on it face any issues you must accord priority to it and resolve at the earliest.

2.Excessive automation

The IT helpdesk comes with a few automation tools. It automatically sorts the tickets on criteria and sending time defined reminders for resolution. They also close resolved tickets automatically. But the IT agents tend to use them too frequently for which they are not designed. They are meant to be deployed during unmanned periods of helpdesk like holidays and weekends. You must monitor and limit the usage of these tools in your IT helpdesk support services.

3.Dead in the water

Certain glitches might occur in the functioning of the helpdesk. For instance, the browser is not allowing access to a particular site or printing on the local printer is not possible. But the said site is accessible from other browsers or the network printer is able to print for the helpdesk. The approach to the issue should be to find quick and effective temporary solutions till the resolution as these issues must not bring down your helpdesk agents to a standstill.

4.Using tech support for personal help

The helpdesk staff is generally helpful to the colleagues but they must not be pestered with your personal technical issues which affect their efficiency. You can approach them if your Wi-Fi problem or PC problem is minor and a tip from them could resolve it. It is perfectly ok but if your issue requires more time, it is better to approach them when they are off duty and maybe pay them for the services.

5.Proper ITIL

It happens that ITIL is blindly followed in many IT helpdesk systems. This may lead to improper functioning of your tech support. Helpdesk comes in various configurations and you must determine which configuration suits your needs well. Implementing the most suitable IT helpdesk will ensure smooth functioning of your Tech support.


As IT helpdesk support services are crucial for the growth of your business you must constantly monitor it and check if the support services are functioning smoothly. If you find that work is being hampered by issues, accord priority and resolve them at the earliest to streamline the work of your Tech support services.

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