How Does TIVF Procedure Works

When it comes to experiencing the joy of becoming a parent, most people might not be so fortunate in the present times. There would be a number of reasons associated with people having infertility issues. The major reason would be their lifestyle. Yet another reason for people suffering from infertility has been problem in their reproductive system. They would not be able to conceive a child or produce a child through the traditional method. Consequently, they would be left with two options, should they intend to become a parent. These two options would be either adoption or surrogacy.

Adoption was resorted to some time back when people believed they have no hope of producing a child through traditional method. On the other hand, surrogacy has been yet another older practice used for becoming a parent by infertile couples. It would not be wrong to state that infertility has no longer been considered a curse for people. The advent of IVF surrogacy technique has been a boon for people suffering from infertility. It has been the best method for several infertile couples to experience the joy of parenthood. There have been a number of companies offering IVF technology for infertile couples.

Performing IVF Process

When different types of infertility treatments do not bring out desired results, the IVF treatment would be your true lifesaver. It has been a life provider for a plethora of couples and individuals seeking their happiest moment. Even though IVF procedure has been an extremely responsible procedure that requires special equipment along with highly qualified medical specialists, it has been quite effortless for both the intended mother and the surrogate mother.

In case, the proposed mother has been able to produce healthy and fertile eggs, the initial step of IVF in Russia would entail extraction of fertile eggs and making them fertilized with a healthy sperm. However, the sperm has to be chosen from a desired donor or the partner outside the body. After keeping it for a minimum of six days in the laboratory, the embryos would be planted in the womb of the surrogate mother. The number of embryos would entirely depend on the overall health of the surrogate mother. Consequently, the proposed mother would have genetic ties with the forthcoming child.

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