The Power Of Music In Influencing Paintings : The Artistic Harmonies

The Power Of Music In Influencing Paintings : The Artistic Harmonies

Our ecosystem plays a major role in influencing the creative aspects of our lives. The very thought behind a child turning in to a promising artist, later re-known, involves factors such as environment, up bringing, music and self-perception. As we experience the variations in the vivid yet regular things such as variations in the lighting, changes in the colors of a wall, characteristic smell of different food items etc, these things nurture the artistic concepts in one’s minds. One of the most implicative sensory effect is that of music on the process of painting.

Music itself is an art form, yet it also influences other art forms. It acts like a catalyst , invoking the farthest corners of your fragile mind, letting it bring out the hidden colors outside on the canvas through your brush or your pen. Sometimes you need to get attuned with the appropriate mindset for doing artistic work. Such is a moment when music helps indeed. It gets you into this magnificent flow of thoughts and mindset.

It is as interesting as it seems. Many forms of art use similar descriptive terms across art disciplines.
Music,Painting, Drama etc are a few of them. Some people have a tendency to hear colors literally. This is all a musical influence.

There is a creative language which is common amongst artists, belonging to any field- music, painting,dance etc. This helps in connecting with other artists. Art is something which seeks deliberate recognition straight from the heart and also from the mind. Its a deep connection , which results in bringing out the desired colors, representing a fraction of your own personality.

There is a lot to learn from each categories of art. When you try and communicate with other artists you might as well correlate to what he says by associating your field of art with him. There is a sense of understanding.

While listening to music, say for instance classical operatic music, you can end up making a really impressive painting associated with historical importance or a portrait of some great personality. Its always best to acknowledge the differences among the various art forms.

Explore how music affects your painting process is always encouraged. One can try creating several different play lists and listen to them while working in the art studio; try and include different musical genres in different play lists and observe how they alter your art style every time.

As you listen,let your mind wander and think deep about what the music narrates you. Thereafter reciprocate to the music through your color and your brush on the canvas.

The music will try and orchestrate your artistic essence. You can now begin to interpret music through your art.

Just go for it and observe how the music transforms the color patterns on your canvas!

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Bob Ransley was born in New England, and has constantly been on the move and has stayed across a variety of locations. He has been living in Maine for the past 6 years now, and his travels have been his inspiration for many of his finest works. He has become America’s most known colorist, due to the vast number of shades that he employs in his paintings.  Robert Ransley can be followed on social media at @Twitter , Google+ , Linkedin and Facebook. For more background information on Bob , see his full bio over here.

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