How To Welcome Your New Clients

You never get a second chance to leave a god first impression. When greeting your new clients for the very first time, it is this impression might make the difference when it comes to your future cooperation. With this in mind, it is essential that you do all that is in your power to make your client feel special. It is also crucial that you radiate professionalism and in this way evoke confidence. Here are some tips and tricks that may help you with that.

Being Friendly

Even though some would probably advise being distant and professional, this usually doesn’t work that well in practice. What you want is for your client to feel comfortable with you so be the best host imaginable. As soon as the client comes in, offer him or her to sit. An offer of cold or hot beverage (depending on the season) wouldn’t hurt as well. This way, from the moment your new (or even future) clients step through that door they will know they are welcome. Also, when meeting your clients for the first time preparation is the key so that he or she can instantly see your commitment to their cause.

How To Welcome Your New Clients

Act Reassuringly

The choice of who you do business with is no small thing so try to be as reassuring as possible. Not just in words but in your gestures as well. Smile all the time, and in this way demonstrate to your client that you are in a pleasant company. Next, show your approval of everything client utters by constantly nodding and grinning. In the end actively listen to anything he or she has to say, even if it is something of personal nature (especially if it is of personal nature). The kind of familiarity you will get this way will be truly amazing.

Avoid Interruptions

There is nothing that can dissuade your client from doing business with you than having your meeting constantly interrupted by your employees or phone calls. This will mean that you will always have something more urgent than him or her. It is easy to see how this can become a bit of an issue. For that reason, make sure that everyone knows that while in a meeting you are not to be disturbed. If there are any phone calls do not answer them during the meeting, or simply tell your secretary not to pass them to you. It might even be a good idea to give your staff a break in order to have full privacy.

How To Welcome Your New Clients

Lobby Design

As we already mentioned there is nothing more important than the first impression, which means that your client must be impressed with your business as soon as he or she steps into the building. For this reason alone your office design must be flawless, starting with your lobby. Make sure that there is a lot of light here and that everything is in place. This is your first opportunity to demonstrate your organization skills so don’t blow it.

Reception and Your Office

After this, your client will proceed to meet the rest of your company so in order to make the next checkpoint impressive as well, you need to choose reception desks that commands respect. As for your office, everything should be in its place but the most important thing is that it is not too crowded. Sometimes less is indeed more. Simply organize everything in accordance to office ergonomics and there should be no problem whatsoever.

Finally, when the future of your business is at stake (and client meetings are precisely that) you cannot afford to take any chances. Simply do all you can, to make both yourself and your office as client-friendly as possible. Any effort made here will most definitely be worth your while.

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