Gearing Up For JEE Advanced Syllabus – Everything You Need To Know

Preparing for IIT takes a lot of hard work and determination. At times, you could be stuck in the sea of the wide range topics – which includes: Molecular Chemistry, Multivariable Calculus etc. Therefore, it is important to keep yourself familiar with the subject and use a great medium to prepare for IIT JEE exams.

Gearing Up For JEE Advanced Syllabus – Everything You Need To Know

Getting Started with IIT JEE books: Books are the gateway to passing IIT JEE main rank predictor. So, before you start, research extensively on the topic. Ask your friends, seniors, and teachers on good resources for a particular subject. Be it HC Verma for Physics or JD LEE for inorganic chemistry; ensure that you spend quality time reading the texts that matter. Time spent with books that don’t add to your preparations, or are redundant can take you in a wrong direction. Remember, speed is irrelevant if you move in a wrong direction.

Once you are set, then go for tools that can help you prepare for individual topics. The advent of the internet and mobile technology has given rise to numerous smart tools that can help you prepare well. These tools include Apps, Software, and virtual classrooms. As with books, be sure to select them very carefully so that you justify every second that you spend on these resources.

Using Best Mobile Companion: Using a good mobile resource will set you up for iit preparations. It, along with other smart resources, will pave the way to study economy — which is, using the right amount of time on a particular topic. As with books, you would want to select the mobile companion carefully to ensure that you get most benefit out of it. Today, there are numerous apps and software that promise to help you with various competitive exams. Out of them, use an app which is versatile, and which can cater to all your studying needs.

Toppr: A great way to study: Out of the apps that help in IIT JEE preparations, this app deserves a special mention. It isn’t that it would help you crack the exam on its own; you still would need to work hard. But, you would be able to scale your exam, and leverage Topper’s smart technology to your advantage.

Developed by IITians, Toppr is amongst the most common IIT-JEE preparation apps. It also covers a wide range of other exams like ComedK, CET etc. Therefore, even if you are trying for any other exams, or think that IIT is a tough nut to crack – then, you can leverage toppr to your advantage.

This app is available for free download on both android and apple platforms – the subscriptions are lower than its peers.

Hard work- the crux of preparations: With that said, even by leveraging smart technology, hard work is absolutely indispensable. You would still have to work hard to pass IIT exams with flying colors. Technology will make your job easier – but hard work is quintessential.

If you’d like to get started with IIT JEE syllabus, then you can download the toppr app today. 

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