Exercise And Your Immune System – Why It’s Important To Stay Healthy As A Coeliac.

Our poor livers can take a battering over the winter months, Christmas parties, nights out and a plethora of family events can mean an over indulgence that causes a massive burden to our bodies. Moderate exercise increases the blood flow to the liver which improves its ability to detoxify the waste. Therefore exercise is important not just for keeping your weight under control but also for the overall benefits of health and well-being.

Easy Steps to Boost your Immunity

Germs circulate the office and school during these next few months so improving your immune system is a great start to beating the winter bugs and maintaining a healthy body inside and out.

  • Regular exercise boosts the immune system by improving lymphatic and cardiovascular circulation. Regular is the key word here, short bursts of exercise when you feel like it will not keep the bugs at bay, to optimise the effects of exercise it needs to be consistent.
  • Hitting the gym every day of the week is not necessarily the cure all answer, a 20-30 minute walk every day is a good start. This would fit into anyone’s lunch hour or be incorporated into the school run. Build up to longer periods of exercise and make sure your body is sufficiently fuelled for whatever exercise you are embarking on.
  • We all know that eating healthy seasonal food is a great way of maintain our interest in our diets however why not think about a seasonal exercise to mix things up a bit. Embrace the change in climate and look at it as a way of either meeting new people or trying something you have always wanted to do. Making exercise and exploring its health benefits can be fun. You will be burning calories as well as strengthening and toning your muscles at the same time. Skiing, snowboarding or ice skating are all available as short courses. Why not take dance lessons, this in particular is great for posture and co-ordination and increased strength. Lessons will give a structured approach and will ensure a sense of achievement too. So the psychological benefits are also key here.
  • Running, walking and cycling in the rain may sound initially gruesome, but embracing that inner child that used to stomp in puddles on the way to school and just not care about getting mud splashed up your back when cycling can be both freeing and fun. Wrapping up warm and getting out in the winter weather can be invigorating. As long as you are dressed for the elements then there is nothing better than the fresh air after being cooped up in a hot office or stuffy house. If this sounds challenging then here is a top tip, make a playlist of your favourite music, sounds that make you feel invincible, by the time the first few bars of your favourite track have played you will be shutting the door behind you, ready to pace off the extra winter calories consumed and stride your way into a fit and healthy winter.

Combining these steps with a balanced healthy diet is a recipe for a happy and healthy winter!

Harry Price is a writer, living on the South Coast with his wife and 3 ‘mad’ cocker spaniels.  They all enjoy the outdoor life and ‘team spaniard’ are excellent buddies for Harry’s marathon training.

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