Football & Its Impact On The Youth!

There are so many football fans in the world but none are as unique as Jonathan Bunge. He not only loves the sport as a fan but he also writes about his love for the game on his blog. He also shares his ideas and perspectives on the sport so that others can read about them and post their comments.

Jonathan Bunge hails from Cleveland Ohio and has been passionate about football since a child. He says that he has been lucky as a child to play football at an early age as his parents encouraged him to do so. In the beginning his mother was reluctant to allow him play but with the passage of time and with some coaxing from his father, she relented. He is grateful to her that she did.

Jonathan Bunge says that all children should start playing the game at a young age. It teaches them the joys of playing together and sharing the losses and wins. Moreover when children begin to play football, they become friendly and become mature in the way they look at life. They face challenges and there is no escape from the field. The whole team needs to face the challenge together. The joys are immense when they win the game.

If you closely look at the game of football, you will find that along with the players, you too are actively involved in the match right from the start to finish. All eyes are set on the ball and the excitement increases when there is a goal or the end to a dribbling attack. The players of football are well coordinated and they ensure that they all join hands together to win the game. Football is one of the best sports for people of all ages. No matter how busy you are, you can always take time out and start playing this game without hassles at all.

For playing football, all you need is a ball. The game can be played anywhere. Unlike other sports, it is not limited to a particular place or needs a lot of infrastructure. You effectively can take a ball and start playing the game with a few friends. The thrills of being together and scoring goals is immense.

Jonathan Bunge also shares some informative and educational posts about the benefits of football written by others on his blog. He says that it is very important for parents to allow their kids to start playing football. The digital age has seen the advent of smartphones and computers. Children hardly get the exercise they should receive. Jonathan Bunge encourages kids to play football. It is important for them to actually run about with a ball and connect with their playmates. These kids become socially friendly and well balanced human beings. They grow up to become positive role models in society as well. It is important for schools too to encourage youth football. This helps the society create physically and mentally fit human beings with success!

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